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"Some centres, I think, wanted to close to prevent unsold cars they had bought under the consignment system from being returned. In an aeroplane heading for Mandalay, Myanmar's second largest city, I killed time on the flight with my seat neighbor. "Not only has the crisis in the state of Rakhine been developing for decades, but for some time now it has also been spreading beyond the borders of Myanmar. When Obama eased the sanctions in Myanmar, he saw some warnings of a massacre. to some extent, but a full report is still needed.

Myanmar's Facebook superiority for businesses

In Myanmar, the way Myanmar's web users use the web - and in particular the domination of Facebook - affects companies and advertisers. INCLUDED IN MYANMAR, Facebook is the web. With Facebook use high in many nations, very recent acceptance of smart phones and the web has brought a technological heritage that does not exist abroad.

For an understanding of this scene, take a look at pre-democratic Myanmar. "Yu Yu Din, former general director of Wave Din, a Mango Myanmar Group company, says, "Myanmar has never seen as much cutting-edge tech it is. As with Gmail and Facebook, Skype was limited. As Google, Apple and Facebook became the giants they are today, Myanmar was almost entirely separated.

The majority of the population simply did not use the web because it was either unavailable or too costly. This has led to an enormous domestic market for cell telephones and web-connection. "If you haven't grown up with this kind of shit, you want even more," says Yu Yu Din, who has 13 years of expertise in the field of online advertising in India and Myanmar.

Datarates were good and limitations on web connectivity were removed. In contrast to the West, telecommunication and computers and the web came simultaneously in a single machine. A lot of first-time telephone users purchased equipment they didn't know how to use, and help was provided by small telephone stores that setup the telephones and install applications through a file-sharing services named Zapya.

A Facebook user profile was set up for those who didn't know what to do on their new mobile phone and some pages were liked. We' ve tried it ourselves by purchasing K5,000 to get a Facebook five-page preloaded Facebook user profile, mainly papers and the Myanmar Model Girls site.

During the wait we encountered a 67-year-old man from Yangon who had two telephones, three mobile numbers and two Facebook bankrolls. One could say he is representing the typical Myanmar telephone consumer for whom Facebook fulfills many of his needs. "Yu Yu Din said, "Myanmar is a tribe of society. In addition, technological problems with rival Unicode and Zawgyi text coding conventions have hindered the expansion of Myanmar's contents, which Facebook seems to have solved best so far.

Burma has a truly distinctive web culture: Today, Facebook represents over 85 per cent of all web surfing, and most individuals don't look for or see websites. Where, then, do advertisers set up their spending? The digital marketers are investing a lot in Facebook; it can be a large proportion of their customers' overall spending on publicity.

Mr NeBronner reminded that a campaigne was launched to encourage the user to post an ad on a small website. They didn't want to click out of Facebook, the store was untrustworthy and clients weren't familiar with surfing the Internet. Dataprice sensibility kept Facebook user s- because wireless carriers demand a lower one. It' still a small square compared to the 14-18 million Facebook visitors a day.

A complete Facebook page is indispensable for business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. As the majority of Facebook users, there is increasing advertising panel rivalry. Some do not even need a consumer-oriented website. NeBronner advises that trademarks with nutrition information, legal disclosures or company policy information should keep this information on a website, but B2C contents should stay on Facebook.

Burma is a great chance for FMCG or fast-moving goods. Nederlands Lady is doing very well in this area and even operates a 24/7 chat bot for Facebook Messenger customers. You can use Facebook as a place to get in touch with the right person at the right moment.

Pros are those who use emails and are relatively large user of LinksedIn.'s Justin Sway mm and CarsDB's Ko Wai Phyo Kyaw both said it was important for us to find prospective applicants and contacts. The main reason for this is that these people have a higher level of educational opportunities abroad and that Google's search in English is convenient.

The online classified ad industry is one of the few areas where Facebook is not dominating. A better trained community of users and the inability of the Facebook ad serving application have allowed classified ad providers such as JobNet and CarsDB to build effective and effective social networks. Naturally many offers are still published on Facebook (and LinkedIn for JobNet), but the primary activities take place on their own pages.

The recent achievement indicates that this particular group of users is ready to try new things.

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