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This Solo Travel Society member shares a photo of a hot air balloon in Bagan, Myanmar. This is the place to be if you want to know more about what to wear and bring along and what to do when you are travelling alone in Myanmar. Security for female solo travellers. Burma is one of the safest places I have ever seen, and especially as a foreigner (to be fair) it is really, really hard to get into trouble unless you ask for it. It is easy and safe to travel alone in Myanmar.

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I' m going to Myanmar for two week this December. Do you find it difficult to do it as a solo traveller (South Asia) and make your own arrangements? Is it better to settle all this through a travel agency in Bangkok or Rangoon? I' m a woman and I travel alone a lot.

I' ve made my first journey to Myanmar alone and it was great. but Myanmar is another pail of seafood. It' ll probably be a little more busy when you get there, but I still wouldn't think you'd have to make all the bookings in advance. No.

Over in our part of Myanmar, Shan State, Inle area, facing shortage of rooms issue. There are two rooms for men and women. Straight back from 3 wards in Myanmar, Penang, Saigon and Bangkok. We' re booking our London voyage through an operative, and it was a little job. We' d organized our vacation through Myanmar Diaries.

Travelling alone in Myanmar: 15 nice pictures of my experiences

Solo-journeys has been teaching me about different culture, different kinds of person and myself. Solo-journeys educated me to be more open and sponant. By travelling slow, I can communicate with others in more open, sincere and open spaces. It is a vast ensemble with a large number of satellites and Buddha-statures. Burma has some interesting worship practice that I have never seen in other wards.

On this image, a woman grabbed a glass of soda and threw it on the mosaic-covered pet sculpture in front of a sitting Buddha (and sometimes on the Buddha sculpture itself), which means good fortune and good manners. At the back, the Buddha appears with reddish, greens and blues of light coming from his mind, which is sometimes inspired.

Bagan is probably Burma's most popular city. Split into Old and New Bagan, it is renowned for its 11 AD old monasteries and breathtaking sunsets and sunrises overlooking these 3000 monasteries dotted in lush woods and meadows. Its silhouette of triangle shapes became clearer, its different dimensions and spacing gave a breathtaking shade of oranges.

Regarded as the "grace" of Bagan, the Ananda Temple is home to four of the highest and most refined Buddhas I have ever seen in Bagan. Here the Kakusanda Buddha had a murals of elaborate tendril samples of crystal shimmering like stones in a dusting old treasury. Submissives worship them by bowing their head to the ground, which is customary in any Buddha sculpture.

This souvenir is on sale at the entrance of some of Bagan's renowned Buddhist monasteries. An early bird in the mornings. Observing the dawn in Bagan, we drove to near situated churches. Bagan is a dark temple, but the sunlight is always interesting. Near Bagan lies Mt Popa, a 1518 meter high vulcanic stone on which stands a cloister with a golden Stupa.

But the 360° look at the luxuriant wood from above was the climax of the walk - as were the threatening apes that played on the steps. A further "must" for Arts and Culture training is Inle Lake. The 11-mile-long sea consists of Intha communities, which consist of stilted buildings.

When we went from one town to another, we saw the peculiar way of catching fish: fisherman standing on one leg at the side of the vessel, the other straightening the paddles while one handed supporting them, and the other holding the bell-shaped barrambo. Inle Lake Country Fairs were selling various produce such as sunshades, woven material from lotuses, silverware and paddywine.

Then we took the sea trip for an entire full afternoon, which led us to the lively open air fair where Pao sold them - among other things - by hand cradling them, pounding two rusted bowls bound by a cord, in typical turban dressings and dark tips, cabbage, dry seafood, coffee-bean, and tealeaves.

Farther southwards we went to a matchbook next to a convent for the noviciate friars. I was heartwarmed, the climax of the voyage for me. We went to the wood abbey after luncheon, where noviciate friars started teaching again. The children and the youngsters played football outside the cloister.

A particular town in Inle had remained unpleasant in memory because the disputed custom of the "human zoo" to use women with long throats from the Karen clan for photos in the gift store. Her throats, covered with thick golden spools, were a singularly beautiful thing, but using them as a point of interest is not authoritative.

Those are the golden spools used by the exhibited women. On the way back from the instructive trip on the pond we hiked 20 km with the help of our own reconnaissance gear into the Kalaw area.

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