Myanmar Social Visa

Burma Social Visa

Definition and method of applying for a Myanmar social visa through the Embassy of Myanmar around the world. Visiting visas are not an alternative to tourist or business visas. Note: An unreferenced visa is required for the purpose of a social visit. Myanmar embassies and consulates. A business visa, social visa, religious visa, crew visa, educational visa and official visa may be issued for multiple re-entry.

A social visa for father-in-law and spouse? - Myanmar Forum

A social visa for father-in-law and spouse? I' m going to Myanmar with my man and his mom (my mother-in-law). As an ex-Myanmar national, many of my family are in Myanmar, so as a son of an ex-Myanmar national, I will apply for a visa for a social visa.

But can my spouse and his wife get a social visa? A social visa for father-in-law and spouse?

Life in Burma

Read our information on what the UK Embassy in Burma can and cannot do for UK citizens. These information supplement the trip notes for Burma. It is strongly recommended that you take out full healthcare coverage before traveling to Burma. You' ll have to cover the cost of the healthcare you get in Burma.

While we cannot afford your healthcare, we can give you information about how to transfer funds from a friend or loved one in the UK. Burmese people, both locals and foreigners, usually opt for health care in Bangkok. You will need a visa to travel to Burma if you are a UK national and should submit your application to the closest Burmese embassy or consulate in good time before travel.

Please consult the Burmese Embassy for more information on immigration regulations. It is important to make sure your visa is in force for at least six month upon arrival in Burma. The UK Emergency TravelDs ( "ETDs") are not applicable to Burma. Emergency services from Burma are acceptable. UK nationals who leave Burma on an ETD should receive an emigration visa from the immigration office on Pansodan Street in Rangoon.

Long-stay visa applications can also be made to the immigration office on Pansodan Street in Rangoon. Don't cross the border of your visa. When you stay longer, you will be penalized for every single days you stay in Burma. Double nationality is not allowed in Burma.

British licenses and foreign licenses cannot be used in Burma. They must obtain a Myanmar driver's license from the Department for Road Transport and Administration in Rangoon. According to Burma's laws, the culprit is always the chauffeur of a vehicle that has been in the middle of an injury to a migrant. Though Burma is on the right, most of the vehicles are right-hand driven, which can make it dangerous to ride.

A lot of Burmese busses and cabs run on pressurized methane. Burma has no multinational banking institutions. You can use an ATM to make a withdrawal in your country's currencies with your bank card or bank card (MMK 5000/- = US$ 5,00). The Western Union works for transferring funds through municipal bank accounts.

There' s an authorized currency swap office to convert US dollars into Kyats. Out of concern for counterfeits, US dollars with the AB and HB characters at the beginning of the banknote's top lefthand side are not acceptable. Foreign nationals are not permitted to adopted Myanmar schoolchildren.

The information is provided as a general guideline and is provided on the basis of information provided to the message by the competent regional authority and is nonetheless amendable at any moment and without prior notification. Both the Bundeskartellamt and the British embassy are not responsible for any imprecision in this information.

UK citizens who require further information must consult their responsible UK authorities.

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