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All about Myanmar's social life, behavior, clothing and more. A new report shows that Myanmar's mobile Internet users spend most of their time on social networking websites. Qualitative Social and Economic Mornitoring of Livelihoods in Myanmar (QSEM) is a longitudinal study of rural life in Myanmar. The Myanmar Social Visa is for all former citizens and residents of Myanmar and all their family members, even if they were not born in Myanmar. It is an essential guide to the political and social challenges ahead of Myanmar.

People in Myanmar

Myanmar residents are wearing more folk attire than other residents in the area, and this becomes clear when you are there. Even though most folks are wearing westerly jackets, they are wearing longyis (or sarongs) instead of trousers and everyone is wearing these long scarves wound around their waist. As a rule the Longyis are coloured deep and supplement the Tanakha, which resembles the make-up of men and woman.

Males usually carry this yellowness only on the tip of their nose and one point on each cheque, but females carry large quantities of it on each cheque and on their forehead. A large number of friars in the land are wearing scarlet gowns and shaving their head; those who are involved in monastery activities also razor their head, but they do.

In spite of the dresses, there are few clothing limitations in Myanmar and the visitors are not obliged or expected to dresses like the people. Though few natives wore short trousers, it is not rude to use them, as this is a social event and not a religion. Nude sun bathing or upper-without sun bathing is never allowed, not even on the beach.

People on Myanmar Mobile are spending most of their free hours on social media: opera house

Myanmar's wireless web surfers are spending most of their times on social network sites, a new review shows. As for social medias, most of the amount of social medias spending on the web is on Facebook, followed by Twitter, said Opera Software, the creators of the Opera Mini web browsers, in its state of the Myanmar mobi.

Annual reporting is made on the basis of aggregate information from Opera Mini customers in the state. It states that six out of ten pages that Opera Mini visitors in Myanmar view come from Searching and viewing video was also highlighted in the article as an important activity for Opera Mini-members in Myanmar.

Sites like Google and YouTube are always among the three most popular sites in Myanmar, as is the case worldwide. Even though the amount of work for these two types is much less than for social networking, the document says. Most of the 87% of Opera Mini Myanmar residents use smart phones, the company said.

An Android is the most common OS, 85 per cent of our customers are on the platforms. The high number of people using smartphones is "strikingly different" from other developing countries that still have a significant number of base telephone subscribers, Opera said. It says that it is also important for Myanmar's Opera Mini user to keep up to date with the latest developments locally.

Analyzing the top 100 most used mobile phones shows that Huawei is the most favorite among Opera Mini people. His mobile phones are used by 38 per cent of people, followed by Samsung with 30 per cent. "In Myanmar, the total number of people using the web has risen. Opera Mini user numbers have risen over 330% in the past year," said Sunil Kamath, Opera Software's VP of South Asia.

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