Myanmar Snorkeling

Snorkelling Myanmar

Myanmar snorkelling is still a relatively new phenomenon, as the country has only become a holiday destination in recent years. Explore Myanmar (Burma) Mergui Archipelago. Allow us to take you on a snorkeling safari where nobody else goes! Snorkelling and sailing in the Mergui Archipelago. Journey to the beautiful southern region of Myanmar for a few exciting days on the shimmering blue Andaman Sea.

Myanmar's best destinations - Mergui Archipelago

The Koh Bon is situated between the Similan and Koh Tachai islets. The Koh Bon is very different from the Similan Isles in its geography. Surin islets are often overshadowed by their renowned neighbors, the Similan islets. The Surin isles are much more attractive for snorkellers. Among the hot, flat water surrounding the island, there are vast marine eco-systems of corals.

Surin Islands have made a name for themselves as Thailand's best snorkelling area. The northernmost of the Surin Islands. As on the Similan Islands, giant granitic rocks and thick rain forest are dominating, encircled by the turbid, hot Andaman Seawater.

Koh Tachai is the most spectacular in Similan National Park.

Snorkelling in Myanmar (Burma)

Snorkelling in Myanmar is still a relatively new phenomena, as the land has only become a tourist resort in recent years. It is good weather for those who want to snorkel in Myanmar, because the low level of activity means that the coral canals are still in good conditions and have a lot of marine activity even in the shallows.

In the Mergui Islands, where some of the best coral can be found, the islands are stunning. Spacious sandy whitewater sandy shores with lush rainforests are the ideal backdrop for anyone coming to Myanmar for snorkelling. Several of Myanmar's best snorkeling spots are in the southern Mergui Islands and neighbouring Burma Banks.

They were opened to the public in the 1990s after the Spanish Revolution. It is still very secluded and off the well-trodden paths, the ideal place if you don't want to divide the waters with too many other snorkellers. You may even see some of the native mokens at some snorkeling sites if you are fortunate.

9.1 "Superb" The Myanmar Island is a reef of rocks and sandy with amazing white and brown algae. On the reef and plateau there are many marine and sponge areas as well as a lot of bombs and nemons. Even huge mussels can be found everywhere, their colorful mouth makes them easily recognizable and makes them a great photo motif.

Snorkelling in Myanmar also gives you the opportunity to remove many of your groupers. Lionfishes can be seen between cliffs or in small arcs in the shore as well as schools of damselfishes and snapper. Colorful angelfishes are a wonderful view on the hard corals and the anemones are home to many clownish.

Many of the snorkelling sites also have a good opportunity to see larger animals. Happy snorkellers can discover an eagle-rays and even coral-shark. Lobster and morays can also be seen in a few metres of waters that protrude from cavities in the area.

Pelagics like manta rays and whale sharks are less common for snorkelling, but it is not unknown, especially in the area around Burma Banks. Snorkelling in Myanmar usually leads to the Mergui Islands, where some of the best snorkelling is just a few paces from the sea. The island 115, which is much more inspirational than its name, provides snorkellers with the opportunity to climb from the sandy beaches to a wonderful sandy area.

Occasionally you can also see lion fish hovering between the rock. However, one of the best snorkeling spots in Myanmar is not reachable from the shore but only by ferry. Cocks Comb provides a truly unforgettable snorkelling adventure. Snorkeling excursions take you to the shore and you can go swimming through one of the arches into the sea, watch your skull!

Near the bigger arch is a giant reef of anemones with their local clown fish, clown fish, dancer, sea fan and shells. Myanmar, near the Mergui Islands, is another top destination to be visited on a snorkeling outing. This area is made up of a series of submarine benches at various levels and is very well known for the diversity of seafood you can find here.

Besides many species of marine life such as that of the coral corals, there are also large animals such as that of the coral corals, mosquitoes, and large barracuda that snorkellers can observe above the canals. A snorkelling excursion to Myanmar is best from October to May in the arid months. For manta ray and whale shark the best period is in the springs of April and May, so go to Mergui and Burma Banks to improve your game.

Mergui and Burma Banks are still limited to aliens. We have a few simple guesthouses in the harbour, but it is not possible to sleep on the best snorkeling spots on the isles. The majority of them will start from Khao Lak near Phuket and travel over the Similan Isles to Myanmar for several nights.

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