Myanmar Snacks Recipes

Burma Snack Recipes

Myanmar Food & Recipes. Myanmar's cuisine is diverse and eclectic in China, India, Laos and Thailand. Ally Jane Grossan is a writer, editor and formulator based in Brooklyn, New York. The two best-known Myanmar snacks are Lepet Thoke (tea leaf salad) and Gin Thoke (ginger mix).

"Monpetok (sweet rice and coconut pyramids) can be served as a dessert or snack.

Burma Food

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Myanmar Meals, Recipes and Recipes

Saturated, puréed green capsicum blend with India herbs in this Myanmar spiced capsicum deep-fryer. Create your own Lahpet tealeaf for the Myanmar tealeaf lettuce. Burmesian sponge pie with raisin, walnut and poppies. Gelbe Erbsenpastete and other free recipes from Burma's award-winning cook book, hsa*ba, Burmese cookery book.

Burmesian spicy soy/gluten-free sofu, just made, it' s a terrible name for it, it is so tasty! Cute and tasty - one of the favourite desserts from Myanmar (Burma), known as Golden Grießpudding - with grains and chocolate. Chickpeas (Pay Kyaw) is definitely in this group!


Citizens outside Myanmar may think Myanmar is new to snacking. Several of the snacks have even produced a long history. The two best-known Myanmar snacks are Lepet Thoke (tea leaf salad) and Gin Thoke (ginger mix). It' a custom to serve these snacks to those who come to a Myanmar home.

Like most of the meals in Burma, these meals are prepared on the ground at a lower level. Pages or pages in category" Myanmar Snacks" The following 10 pages or pages are in this categorie, out of 10 pages totally.

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