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Burma six photos

Stock photo of sex and religion Yangon Myanmar. For high-resolution premium photos, visit Getty Images. There are six artists who take up the traces of war in the faces of the fighters - raising a glass to the first beer connoisseur of the Smithsonian. Go on a photo tour of exotic Myanmar with experienced photographer and tour guide Brenda Tharp. The Chauk Htat Gyi Buddha image means the six-storey lying Buddha image.

Nice pictures of Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, was a land infamous for its continuing warfare. Over the last few years, the land has started to re-invent itself alongside its new name. In the past year, the publishing house Didier Millet sent 30 photographs to tour the land and catch emerging cultural heroes.

Published now as "7 Days in Myanmar", the photo album contains pictures of Myanmar's peoples, landscape and tradition, from large metropolitan centres to touristic resorts and small towns. Swedagon is dominating the Yangon city, the former Burmese city. Known as the Goldene Pagode, the Buddha style building is said to have been built during the Buddha period and is one of Myanmar's most beloved touristic destinations.

In the Shwedagon Pagoda a Buddhist novitational ritual takes place. The Myanmar Thaing Federation's Fighting Art College in Yangon trains young men with long sabers. An overnight stop at Naba railwayhof. From Mandalay to Lashio, a slow crawling along the Gokteik viaduct. Buddha is full of rooms showing Buddha's teaching dictators.

Myanmar's teenager footballers are inventive when it comes to building a playground, as they often turn side streets and temples into playgrounds and make gates out of ribbons and poles. At the foot of a Mandalay pagoda, this stage was transformed into a football ground.

Recto Pilar'18 volunteers in Myanmar for six -week with AIESEC

Recto'18, communication and media scientist with a subsidiary in tourism management, travelled to Myanmar for a six-week volunteering program aimed at strengthening young people. She noted: "I was astonished how Myanmar manages to maintain its civilization in such a way that its local traditions are incorporated into its daily life.

They all seem to be deeply ingrained in their tradition, from the clothing they are wearing, through their manners, to their ideal lives." She was particularly amazed at the young people's insight, thoughts and view. and I will never lose the friendship, memory and experience I made there."

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