Myanmar Situation 2016

Situation in Myanmar in 2016

Sex equality and women's rights in Myanmar: The Rohingya's current human rights situation in Myanmar. In October 2016, the situation for the Rohingya changed dramatically. Myanmar Country Report BTI 2016. DENMARK'S PARTNERSHIP WITH MYANMAR.

Analysis of the situation in southeast Myanmar

Southeast Myanmar Situational Analysis is a desktop study conducted by the MIMU and the Fund to assist in the planning, strategic and political developments of the country in the areas of conflict, relief and sustainable humanity. Although not a full description of the vast variety in southeast Myanmar is possible, this is a first stage in bringing together the recently released information and respondents' main contributions to the present state, the latest developments and inequalities, the teachings of enforcement, information shortfalls and emergent problems in Mon, Kayin, the Kayah states, Shan State to the east and south, Tanintharyi and the Bago region to the east.

United Nations experts warn of deterioration of legal position after Rakhine lock-down

GENVELOPE (18 November 2016) - A United Nations official has urged the Government of Myanmar to take immediate measures to address the worsening humanitarian conditions in North Rakhine State. Myanmar's Special Rapporteur on the humanitarian crisis, Yanghee Lee, criticised the agencies for "cordoning off" the area for six acres.

"There are unconfirmed demands for repression against village people who share their complaints with the delegation," Ms. Lee said. "It is unacceptable for police to be given a licence to intensify their operation under the guise of gaining entry to an internal team.

Emergency measures are needed to resolve the problem. Inhabitants, of the Rohingya ethnic group and other Moslem groups, are said to have been seriously violated, among them those who have been tortured, raped and sexually assaulted, summarily executed and mosque and house destroyed. HUMANITARY programs that provide healthcare, feeding, education and nutritional aid have been abandoned and it has been said that civil personnel are involved in armed actions, which include assaults by Helicopters.

Ms. Lee said that claims of violation of human dignity, as well as supposed rapes and acts of sex ually assaulted females, must be examined. "Aung San Suu Kyi recently said that the government is reacting to the state of affairs on the basis of the constitutional state. But I don't know anything about the government's attempts to investigate accusations of violation of human freedoms," Ms. Lee said.

"Conversely, it seems that the government has usually reacted with a general rejection. "It is unacceptable that there was a total closure for six consecutive week without effective protection to the affected areas," she added. It hoped that, before the Commission published a progress review next year, the government would take preliminary action, in line with previous advice, to avoid further limitations and breaches of the basic humanitarian law of the Rohingya people and other minority religions and nationalities.

One group of UN HR Right experts* has already called on the government to deal with the increasing reporting of Rakhine abuses and to call on the agencies to grant aid to humanitary groups, to carry out thorough and unbiased investigation of murders and to make coordinated effort to combat and avoid instigation of discriminatory, hostile and violent behaviour against minority groups.

Ms. Lee emphasized that the pressing need for further actions was unbroken. "I reaffirmed the need to re-establish humane accessibility as soon as possible in my speech to the General Assembly last months so that the needs of those affected and internally displaced, especially the most deprived, can be met," she said.

The declaration was supported by the special rapporteur on minorities, Rita Izsak-Ndiaye. To your message sites and seo:: Multimedial contents and core message on our press release are available on the UN human rights channels below.

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