Myanmar Situation

Situation in Myanmar

The crisis in Myanmar escalates as the UN describes the situation as "ethnic cleansing". Myanmar's abuse of psychotropic substances was limited to sedatives and the drug of choice was opium and its derivatives. In Myanmar, violence against children is very often associated with the armed conflict. Women's situation in Myanmar. Burma's long road to democracy has been hampered by violent ethnic conflicts that have affected women.

Situation of the Rohingya Minorities in Rakhine State (05.01.17) - French diplomacy

The French reaffirms its grave concerns about the intolerable acts of force against members of the Rohingya ethnic group in Burma and demands an end to this use. The Burmese authorities have a duty to safeguard the civil population. Investigating this abuse in the most open and unbiased way and bringing it to justice for those involved in horrors is essential.

It is imperative that the agencies do everything necessary to make sure that all those in need in the north of Rakhine get relief aid as soon as possible.

No" fast solutions" to the situation in Myanmar's Rakhine state: This is Vivian Balakrishnan.

Singapore: The situation in Myanmar's conflict-ridden Rakhine state is "a complicated intercommunal problem with profound historic roots," and there are "no fast solutions," Singapore's Secretary of State Vivian Balakrishnan said on Tuesday (April 3). This he said at a rendezvous with former Thai Vice Premier and Secretary of State Surakiart Sathirathai in Singapore.

Surakiart is also chair of an executive committee mandated by the Myanmar administration to investigate the Rakhine outbreak. Stakeholders must prevent measures that could exacerbate the situation on the spot and the immediate focus is to make sure that human aid is reaching all those in need, Dr Balakrishnan said in a Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) news release.

"In the end, the ultimate responsability for solving the problem lies with Myanmar's interest groups. At the session, Dr. Balakrishnan also greeted the establishment of the Council under the leadership of Dr. Surakiart. It will discuss how to respond to suggestions from a previous committee led by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Balakrishnan urged the Council and the Implementing Council to work in close cooperation with the Myanmar authorities to implement the proposals. The MFA also told Dr Balakrishnan that Myanmar needed to step up multilateral talks with Bangladesh on the refugee returns and looked forward to "a rapid start to their volunteer, sure, safe as well as graceful returns without unreasonable delay".

"Singapore, as a good and neighbor of ASEAN, will continue to support the Myanmar government's effort to create peacemaking, stabilization and the establishment of the constitutional state, foster inter-community understanding and conciliation and ensure sustained and just economic growth in the state of Rakhine," MFA said. Speaking at a Tuesday news briefing, Dr Surakiart said the Council had called on ASEAN to play a more proactive part in tackling the Rohingya war.

It can help developing the Rakhine state health care system, for example by enhancing health care, said Dr. Surakiart. Burma has closed transitory encampments in Rakhine, the executive committee said, and added that it is hoped that the Rohingyas will thus come back to Myanmar, as they know that they will go home directly, rather than to a shelter.

Further suggestions were the introduction of a piloting programme for a showcase city in the state of Rakhine to tackle the issues facing the local population. Burma has generally agreed to the advice, Dr Surakiart added.

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