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Burma Activities and Attractions in Myanmar. Pagoda Thanbokde, Po-win taung Hills and Kyaukka village are some of the interesting places to visit. Discover the cultural and natural delights of Myanmar Begin your adventures in the Myanmar capitol, Yangon. Yangon is a growing town with many attractions that take travellers to the impressive pagoda compound of Sweden, probably the most scenic pagoda in all of Asia. The third you will take a plane to Bagan, where you will stop at the bustling Nyaung Oo Market.

You' ll also discover the most striking Bagan marquees, such as Shwezigon, a prototypical of the later Myanmar-Stupa. Depart Bagan and head to Sone-Kyang to discover the amazing and singular wood carvings of Yoke-Sone-Kyang before returning to Bagan to sit in the best place on Mt Popa and enjoy a stunning panorama views of the temple.

The town Mandalay is an ideal starting point to explore two old towns, the former capitol Amarapura and the regal capitol Inwa, to which your tour leader will lead you and tell you the story of both towns. Flights to Pindaya take you to more rustic areas where you will see an open landscape and pass through some of Myanmar's ethnically diverse population.

They can also explore the lime stone caverns, which contain hundreds of thousand of Buddhist paintings. Once at the Incle-See, you will get on a motor boat and take a trip into the See, where you will enjoy a different culture. You will not so much see the magnificent pagodas and palaces as the culture of the native inhabitants who live in narrative environments.

You' ll see the stilts and can see the natives angling at the lakes. The Indainn tribes villages are just a stone's throw from the lakes. Here you can get a first-hand impression of the natives' cultures and ways of being.

Inle and Indainn it' s your turn to return to Yangon and catch your next flights to your next stop. If you are in Myanmar for the first getaway or one of many, this will be a convenient, thrilling and diverse itinerary! Evening meal at the motel.

Accommodation in Yangon. Yangon's most important sights are the gorgeous Kandawgyi Lake and the Botataung Pagoda, which is cavernous and through which you can see many old relicts and artefacts. Then we continue to Bagan's unmistakable Pagoda like Shwezigon - a prototypical of the later Myanmar stupa, Wetkyi-in-Gubyaukgyi- a cavern with interesting frescoes from the thirteenth centennial.

The Ananda Pagoda is one of the most beautiful, biggest and enduring in Old Bagan, and we continue to Ananda Ok Kyaung, one of the few preserved early Bagan brickwork monasteries and the Htilominlo which is known as the last Myanmar style sanctuary in Bagan.

We are at one of the perfect vantage points chosen by our guides for a panorama of the temple when the sundown. Midday and evening meal at the regional restaurants. Accommodation in Bagan. The salays are known for the impressive 1882 Yoke-Sone-Kyaung Woodcarving Convent, the Nya U Pone Nya Writers Memorial (closed every Monday, Tuesday and public holidays) and the 1300 Man Lacquerware Gallery.

We return in our transportation to Bagan, where we stop on the way to see Mount Popa, which is said to have climbed from the floor during a severe 442 B.C. quake. Mt Popa is known as the residence of the Nats (ghost gods) and for its panorama views of the area.

On the way there you will see a typical doddy tree grower and see how doddy is made. Midday and evening meal at the regional restaurants. Accommodation in Bagan. We drive back to the Mandalay International Airports for a drive to the old imperial city of Amarapura.

This is where we see the Mahagandayon Monastery, a young monk training center, and the U Bein Brug. Later, we shall be visiting another former imperial capitol of Inwa, which was established in 1364 and served as the imperial capitol for almost 400 years. Midday and evening meal at the regional restaurants.

Today we are visiting the esteemed Mahamuni Pagoda, a goldsmith's workshop. The Kuthodaw Pagoda, whose 729 plates of Buddhist limestone gave it the name" The Greatest Book in the World", before the Shwenandaw Monastery, the only preserved nineteenth cent.

Midday and evening meal at the regional restaurants. Accommodation in Mandalay. Today we go to Nyaung Shwe, the gate to the wonderful and fascinating Inle Lake, for a scenic shift. On Inle Lake we get on a privately owned motor boat and ride to Inle Lake, one of Myanmar's most stunning places.

Passing picturesque lakeside towns on stilt walkways populated by the Intha, we see the fisherman's special fishing styles, whose swimming garden is made up of stripes of aquatic hydacinth and sludge and anchored to the ground with canes. The Nga Hpe Chaung Monastery on the shores of the pond is home to a dozen of Shan Buddha paintings and the Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, the principal shrine of the pond, which contains five holy Buddha paintings coated with golden leaves.

As the proverb says, you can then discover the craft of Inle Lakes with a stop in the web hamlet of Inpawkhone and a handcrafted Cheeroot plant, where the traditional Myanmar handcrafted products are produced. We will have a meal at the souvenir shop and a meal at the lodge. Accommodation at l'Inlesee.

We drive down a small channel from the centre of the pond to the Pa-oh town of Indainn. Departing from the ship, we take a brief stroll to the hamlet, where you can meet the locals and their family, and attend the locals' Schools. Alaung Sitthou is a wonderful area where you can also hike and take the roofed stairs up to a mound full of old scenic Stupa and a splendid view of the lakes.

We will have a meal at the village eatery and evening meal at the motel. Accommodation at l'Inlesee.

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