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Burma Activities and Attractions in Myanmar. Pagoda Thanbokde, Po-win taung Hills and Kyaukka village are some of the interesting places to visit. Travel to the archives of Myanmar The Wish You Were Here is a quarterly report containing some of the best travels and information from around the globe. It is designed to encourage travellers to get out and discover! Myanmar's tourist industry has developed at a rapid pace over the past four years, and if the tendency were to continue - and we believe this will be the case - the once insulated Myanmar's food traditions could be as omnipresent in America as Thai and Hindi cuisine.

Mandalay's famous destinations

One of four renowned travel locations in Burma, with Bagan, Yangon and Inle Lake, Mandalay has captivated travelers to Myanmar for more than 142 years. Let us explore the most attractive places of Mandalay together to better appreciate the city's unique appeal.

What you should consider on a Mandalay tour: - The most important means of transportation to Mandalay is by cab. - In order to prevent a dull or recurring trip on your Mandalay trip, you can take the following route: First Mandalay Hill, then the monastery, then Sagaing Hill, then Inwa and then U Bein Bridge.

  • When you visit a pagoda you have to dress correctly. - Eating and drinking are not too much money in Mandalay, because a refreshment bar in a All you can eat place costs only 3,000 Kyat. Mandalay hills immediately attracts everyone's interest upon arriving in the town. This 230-metre high mound is the trademark of Buddhism when King Mindon relocated Burma's capitol to Mandalay in the nineteenth cent .

Here Myanmar residents can enjoy a relaxing area. From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a wonderful panorama of Mandalay in the evenings or in the mornings tack. The Mandalay hills have become one of the most important and spectacular places of Mandalay. Mandalay Royal Palace covers an area of 413 hectares and is renowned for its walled fortifications with wonderful canals.

It was constructed between 1857 and 1859. It was burned down by a bombing in World War II, but in 1989 it was fully restored and became Mandalay's most popular touristic destination. It opens a unique gate for a foreigner. There are also housing areas and many other towns outside the Palast.

At the centre is the central building. If you are on your Burma tour, you will find out that the Maha Myat Muni Pagoda is one of the most visited places in Mandalay. The Kuthodaw Paya Pagoda is situated at the bottom of Mandalay Hill and is a favourite travel spot not only in Mandalay, but also all over the globe, where the largest Buddhist writings in the whole wide globe are kept.

When we talk about Mandalay in Burma, we think of three things: Java, temple and trek. Perhaps for this a Mandalay trip will be a great pity not to be able to attend the Mahar Aung Myay Town. They are not priced high ( or at least less than in the West), so you can certainly buy nice presents for your loved ones and your boyfriends during your Myanmar outings.

Mandalay tours can be both thrilling and impressing. Find useful information before the trip will help you discover as much of Burma's great attractions as possible. The Yangon is an indispensable goal in the travel route of your..... They will take a walk around Burma and.....

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