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Sights in Myanmar

Burma is a beautiful country with spectacular archaeological sites, numerous gilded pagodas and a fascinating traditional culture. Explore the best sites of Myanmar with the most outstanding Buddha statues. World-famous Bagan temples are one of the sights of Myanmar (Burma). Heritage Sites in Myanmar. When visiting religious sites, cover your legs and shoulders.

Places to see in Myanmar with Mynamar National Airlines

Myanmar, a south-east Asian country, is gradually opening up to the tourist industry and, like anyone who has been here before, is full of amazing and unexpected places of interest and many more. The Myanmar National Airlines operates flights from Hong Kong to the Yangon and Mandalay airfields. We' ve asked the Myanmar National Airlines staff to help us divide some of the places of interest and places of interest.

Myanmar's biggest and liveliest town, Yangon has a sprawling urban landscape lined with ancient stone walls, skyscrapers and old-timers. One of the most icons of these monuments is Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar's most holy place of worship. It is over 2,600 years old, 99 meters high and covered with massive golden.

Constructed in the shape of a Myanmar king ship, it offers a variety of dancing shows and buffets. Talking of eating, eating in Yangon is definitely a real eye-catcher - there are a number of kitchens to try, inspired by Myanmar's and neighbouring people. The Bogyoke Aung San Market is a must for every shopper, with thousands of shops that sell jewelry, handicrafts, art, paintings as well as local cuisine.

Mandalay's heritage center was the last of Myanmar's capitals. It is a must - it is situated in the center of the town, encircled by a stone walls and a canal. The Mandalay has many places of worship that show the country's customs and culture. The Mahamuni Pagoda is a well-known Buddhist place of worship and was constructed at the end of the eighteenth cent. during the Konbaung dynasty.

With 1.2 km it is Myanmar's longest wooden-structure. Since 2005 Nay Pyi Taw is the capitol of Myanmar. It was the venue for various business fora and an ASEAN meeting. While you can see the huge building with its 31 buildings, please be aware that you will need to obtain permission to do so.

The Uppatasanti Pagoda, a slightly smaller copy of the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, is another of Nay Pyi Taw's symbols. In the National Lands capes Garden there are more reproductions of Myanmar's most important symbols, in case you don't have it! Bagan, an antique town in the Mandalay area, was the capitol of Burma's first state.

There are also handicraft shops nearby so you can collect memorabilia from Bagan, as well as a puppet from Myanmar. Situated in the west of Shan State, this 22 km long fresh water pond is very popular. It' s known for its swimming towns and for the single legged sailors. There is a wickerwork in Inle and you can go to the garages by sea, go to a tasting shop for redwine or buy handicraft.

When you are done there, you will find a number of lakeside peaks and convents, among them the Hpaung Daw U peak, one of Myanmar's most celebrated buildings. Humans from all over the land come to give the five little Buddhas in the pit. It is an important sea port, but also known for its closeness to Ngapali, often referred to as one of the most attractive sands in the word.

In spite of its beautiful appearance, however, it is not overcrowded by visitors.

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