Myanmar Sites to Visit

Sights in Myanmar

CBT project locations are: This tour is a visit to the Loikaw region of Kayah State, southeast Myanmar. Mysterious Golden Land: Holy Sites of Myanmar (PHOTOS) Myanmar has been an isolated place for years. Although the 60 million inhabitants of the Asiatic state border several different states, it has been pursuing a isolationist approach for years. However, after a 2011 political democracy abolished the army regime, the state opened itself to a tide of international attendees, NPR said.

Travellers throughout the entire nation rediscovered the splendour and splendour of Myanmar's Buddhist heritages. About 90 per cent of the people are Buddhists, and there are Buddhist monasteries and holy places spread all over the area. They have existed for centuries and are still in use today. Bagan is the centrepiece of the country's antique architectural world.

More than 2,200 churches and sanctuaries on the shores of the Irrawaddy River testify to a great Buddha town that became famous in the eleventh and twelfth century, the New York Times said. The Sydney Morning Herald writes that in Yangon, the capitol, the gold Shwedagon pagoda sits enthroned above the town and is said to have been constructed around 500 BC.

It is said to contain sacred relic, such as wisps of Buddha's fur, and is used for fellowship worship, meditation, and flower offerings. Different legend says that the rock is poised on a lump of the Buddha's scalp or that it floats in the sky above the steep slope of the rock.

Mandalay, the second biggest town in the whole region, is a favourite town. Near the centre of Myanmar, it has been a meeting place for centuries for culture and cuisine. Sights of the town are the Mandalay Palace, the Kuthodaw Pagoda and the Mahamuni Buddha Temple. Richard was so taken with Mandalay and the whole nation (then known as Burma ) that he wrote: "I loved Burman with the indiscriminate favouritism that was created from the first experience.

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