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The next stop is Bagan, one of Asia's most impressive archaeological sites. It is one of the best places in Myanmar for anyone who loves nature. Sights in Myanmar. The Mandalay is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. Lake Inle is another unforgettable experience on your trip to Myanmar.

Myanmar's Top 10 Must-Lakes (PHOTOS)

Sudyard Kipling could not have described Myanmar (formerly Burma) in more detail. For many travellers Myanmar is still a secret place of unexplored treasure, unfamiliar to the tourist and kept in mantle. While Myanmar is gradually welcoming travellers from all over the globe again, the myth and legend of this gold country is becoming more true than ever!

Leaving the commonplace behind you, travellers will be able to visit this country, which dates back to antiquity and finds its place in the heart of travellers. Burma offers a wealth of scenic attractions, from old temple field and pristine sandy beach to mythic caverns and picturesque sundowns. Have a look at the 10 must-sees in Myanmar, hand-picked by Kensington Tours specialists, and let them be your inspiration for your next adventures!

Burma Sightseeing - 7 Places to Add to Your Burma Route

It is interesting to realize that researching why Myanmar has two different reputations might make it difficult to find a specific one. Myanmar and Burma have such a rich and often tumultuous past that they are used in an interchangeable way, according to where you go and who you talk to. Whatever you call it, it is perhaps best summarised by the English author Rudyard Kipling when he said:" is quite different from any of the countries you know.

In recent years, the tourist industry has experienced a real booming period, as many travellers want to explore the most nosy land in Southeast Asia. Relieved immigration regulations now mean you can relieve the stresses of traveling and get your Myanmar visas in time. Bagan is without a doubt the flagship of Myanmar's tourist industry - the pictures that will welcome you on your first exploration of the state.

The glittering, gold-plated pavilion is situated in the Yangon, the capitol (which itself has a lot of its own special features - see this Yangon Travel Guide for more information). It is, of course, the holiest of the pagodas, dating from the sixth to tenth century.

Slightly more than sixhrs from Mandalay in Nyaungshwe township, you will explore one of Myanmar's most enchanting sights. Lake Inle is the second biggest fresh water lake in the whole of Switzerland and is at the top at 13 years of age. It could be the place where you see the true Burma. Nagapali is Myanmar's coastal resort, surrounded by the Indian Ocean of Bengal Bay.

Myanmar is the former capitol of Myanmar and arouses a lot of emotion according to which side you are on of Britain’ sophistication. It is also one of the third holiest places of interest in the world. It is not for the faint-hearted, as it tends to squeak and waver even if it carries a humble number of humans, but it is one of the most iconsic landmarks in the land and should not be overlooked.

Editorial note: "Demands for a travelling Boycott against Myanmar have arisen in reaction to the global conviction and reporting in the press about the Rohingya-Tragödie. Boycotts may seem honourable, for no one wants to be content with the pain of man, but the truth is that a penalty against Myanmar is not nobly and will not have a positive effect on the gravity of the situation.

These are the 10 things you should not miss on a Myanmar journey. These are the 10 things you should not miss on a Myanmar journey. A prizewinning journalist and travelling author, Megan has been a blogger since 2007. It has a keen interest in eco-tourism and wants to encourage sustainable tourism.

Interest picture Bagan sundown by Alexander Mueller. Interest picture Myanmar kid by Staffan joke.

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