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Featured; Today; This week; This month. In Bagan there are thousands of pagodas as far as the eye can see.

But, of course, we also love what we see there. There' s not nearly enough day to see everything.

Discover Myanmar - 8 sights

It has become a favourite place to go since the abolition of Burma's West African penalties (also known as Myanmar). There are some unbelievable monasteries, streams, lakes and breathtaking scenery. If you are planing a journey to Myanmar, try to venture out and discover the towns, the village market and the restaurants and teahouses.

Have a look at this Myanmar travel guide. The Kyaiktiyo Paya is one of the most famous places and also one of the most important Buddhist places in Myanmar. Built by males on a bigger cliff, this small gold plated stone pilgrimage path takes you uphill from a city known as Kinpun to reach the summit.

While Yangon (formerly often known as Rangoon) has long been the nation's chief town, it is still regarded by many as its major town. A gold spaghetti is the city's landmark. It is a town full of cultural and historical attractions. One of the most breath-taking places in the whole wide globe with over 2000 Buddhist buildings.

They can take a hotshot aeroplane to see this huge complex with wonderful old churches and palaces. There are many historic monuments, a temple and an old castle. It is especially nice at sundown. Monasteries were erected around 1057-1287 by the heathens. Nowadays you will find about 2230 temple of the 4450 originally standing there.

If you are travelling to Bagan, visit The Backpackers Travel Guide To Bagan. Founded around 1857, Mandalay is a young town that has developed into a bustling and interesting town. Known as the countrys culture center, Mandalay is home to many of Mandalay's finest shows and is a great place to buy handicrafts and art.

Mandalay's surroundings are well deserved to see the bustling life of the town, as well as many historic places and structures such as monasteries and mausoleums. Alternatively, you can ascend Mandalay to enjoy breathtaking view of Mandalay, where you will also find many places of worship. Lake Inle is one of the high points of Myanmar's visit, the area' s pristine nature is a must.

You can see the fishermen and go to the market on the shore of the lakes. A picturesque cruise to see more off the well-trodden paths along the lakes. According to legends, the Shwedagon pagoda is 2,500 years old, but archeologists guess that it was discovered by the Mon between the sixth and tenth census.

According to legends, the 1485 edition of the Prague Lagoon is the date of an epigraph on the top of the east staircase, which depicts the tale of Shwedagon in three different tongues (Pali, Mon and Burmese). Schwedagon's large cross-country ski slope is located on a 5 hectare large plateau on a 58m above sealevel slope.

You can see it from almost anywhere in the town. From Bagan you can make a 1 hours outing. This cloister is erected on an extinguished volcan. It' one of the bigger (it's actually Bagan's second highest) and most impressive of the Bagan-Temple.

Gawdawpalin is a large, east-facing two-storey building, which stands on a low plateau in the middle of a four-gate masonry.

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