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Myanmar Activities and Attractions. The Pagoda Thanbokde, Po-win taung Hills and Kyaukka village are some of the interesting places to visit. Coalas eat poisonous leaves to survive - now scientists know how to do it. Head to the Pleasant View Islet Restaurant with stunning views of the beach and bay. Places of interest in Myanmar are Old Bagan and Inle Lake:

One day tour of Bago, Myanmar: Checklist of must see locations

Being in Yangon and having been in the vibrant but fracturing town all the while, a full days out to the former Mon Empire capitol in the lower part of Myanmar is a rewarding option. I may have been a little higher than most, so I was very interested in making the journey.

About seventy kilometres south of Yangon lies the fashionable town of Bago, formerly known as Pegu. Yan, the rider, had made the journey many times before, so he already had a check list of places of interest in his mind and we didn't waste much of our travel times to get from place to place.

It would have been almost inexpensive to travel with another customer or two to share the costs! Arriving in Bago around 9:00, Yan took me from place to place for the next six lessons and was waiting in the vehicle while I did my thing. The following is a checklist of pages that I visited in Bago.

Has to see places in Myanmar

Golden City - Our plane lands in Yangon, Myanmar's busy city. As the bus that brings you to the city centre does not leave until the last seats are full, we have teamed up with like-minded stationary travellers to accelerate the journey by taking a taxi. After strolling through the murky roads of Yangon, we were just in the right moment to see the rising sundown.

It was like stepping into another realm, especially in the early morning hours, as you entered this magnificent temples group. Sitting in their nooks and crannies, various ringing bells murmur and local people make their way to the victims under the pagoda and say their little beads. All the pagodas that were inside the shrine showed their most splendid gold carvings and shining gold-colored.

For about two and a half hour we watched the spectacle of the prayerful natives, friars and tourists, which was gradually but safely released in the pagoda as the rising sundown. We' re fans of handcrafted handicrafts, fine textiles and ancient delicacies, so this place has definitely put a pretty, big bump in our wallets.

Yangon's city centre is just as appealing, with its sidewalks littered with deliciously fragrant cuisine and colourful open-air market and neighbouring shrines. Our second morning in Yangon we drove to Dalah, an area on the other side of the Yangon River. Warned that you will be bombed by rickshaws already taking off on the boat and more when you get off.

So, keep an eye on your schedule and know when it is about to stop and get back to the boat. This means our trickshaw was more than astonishing, besides the fact that he completely fucked us. Initially we chose to go our way around Dalah, because one of the rickshaws was riding next to us and insisted on showing us his town.

Seeing Myanmar's handicrafts was astonishing and truly inspirational. We have been struck by this land in general with its hand-made delicacies and it is more than inspirational to see the talent and creative expression of the natives for centururies. The next stop was the souvenir shop, and then on one of my favourite parts of this trip - the stop at one of the kindergardens.

This colour, which can be found on both men's and women's faces, is regarded as pretty and even kids like to hide their cheek.

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