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To see the map of Kalaw, click here. Are you thinking of a trip to Southeast Asia? Ride to Have you ever been to Myanmar ? Akismet uses this page to reduce spam. Myanmar New Zealanders are recommended to be security conscious in public and crowded places.

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The city of Calaw is located high on the eastern side of the Shan Plateau. It' 70 km westward from Taungyi. about half way along Thazi-Taungyi Strait. It was a favourite mountain resort in the UK and is still a tranquil and tranquil place. This small village is a former UK mountain colony and provides cold weather (Kalaw is 1,300 metres above sea level) and many hiking possibilities.

People are a mixture of Shan. Bamar and Nepali (Gurkhas withdrew from UK army service), many of whom have been trained as missionaries. It is about two hrs westwards from Nyaungshwe on the westerly side of the Shan Hill. It' located in Pinmagon Monastery. of Pinmagon Village. alaw Township. Just down the southern shan state.

Sometimes the rays seemed to come from the front of the picture. Sights are the Thein Taung pit. The Aung Chan Tha Cave. The Su Taung Pyae and the Royal Church. Others things to do around store for a hike. stroll to chapels & church. meeting trunks at the colourful everyday 5 day square. take the steps to a church & a good views of the town. go up the hills for an even better panoramic tour. a pleasurable 1.5 hour journey. flavor straws pasi. fodder bird. breath cool breezes stuffed with pines scent. while on hike. visiting cafes. teas or tobacco leafs or see elephant at work.

It' s a two hour (short walk) or four hour walk through the mountains to the town. First, a precipitous path goes down into a small dale where the Palaung grow cheroes, teas, plums and mangos.

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Myanmar, also known as Burma, is the northern end of the Malay Peninsula and borders Thailand to the south, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Laos to the east. The Republic of Myanmar achieved sovereignty in 1948 after the occupation by the Brits and the Japanese. Today, the Republic of Myanmar is a democratically and stably built nation, although there are still conflicts in some areas.

Before you plan your journey, find out about your destination's requirements. Myanmar's western shore is bordered by the Andaman Sea and contains the only diving spots in the state. Whilst other areas will certainly be explored soon, the only diving spots are in the Mergui Archipelago and just northwest.

Use of a diving safari is the only way to go diving in this area. A few live-aboard safaris will divide their trip between Thailand and Myanmar or just a small part of the island. We recommend a minimum 10-day tour to some of Myanmar's best sights.

Due to the seclusion of the Mergui Archipelago you can count on not overcrowded divesites during the whole scuba fishing time. It can be said with certainty that most Myanmar divers do not go underwater. Scuba may be the reasons you come to Myanmar, but a full days of discovering unexplored places full of smilling and helping local people will be a precious souvenir for years to come.

The Yangon Airport is the most important airport for all myanmar-operations. To reach the Mergui Archipelago from Yangon you will need either a rarely operated domestic airfare or a two to three day coache. In order to resolve this issue, most liveaboard safaris depart from Ranong, Thailand with Myanmar as their destination.

Buses and cabs run frequently from most of Thailand's touristic places to Ranong. B, A, C, D, F, Note - Travelling to any holiday location may be affected by safety, immigration and departure regulations, medical condition, community law and cultural issues, disaster and weather patterns.

Whatever your final destinations, you should consult your regional tourist information committee or your division when you plan your journey and just before your departure.

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