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City of Bagan on its way to the UNESCO list of monuments

After 22 years, Myanmar applied for inclusion in the UNESCO listing of cultural assets for Bagan - the heartland of Myanmar - in September. For the first since the 1994-5 trial began, Myanmar has applied for the inclusion of Bagan on the UNESCO register. Unfortunately, Bagan was initially ineligible because of the many UNESCO-requirements.

It is possible to add 10 possible classifications to the UNESCO listing, six of which relate to the area of the Bagan site. The Myanmar bid is aimed at 3 possible classifications for the Bagan location. Items 3, 4, 6 relate to the bequest" a singular or at least extraordinary witness of a particular culture or a civilisation that is alive or has vanished, an extraordinary structure, an architectonic or technical complex or a scenery with illustrations, an important phase in mankind's development that is directly or noticeably linked to happenings or lived customs with concepts or convictions with works of art and literature of great universality", according to UNESCO.

"â??We express the traditions of Buddhist civilisation, art, architecture, civilisation, confidence in Buddhism and those handed down from the late' X to the early XIIIcentury traditional Buddhism religious festival with excellent signs of Bagan's nomination,â said Ms, Heritage Department Manager of The Myanmar Times Ministry of Religious Issues and Cululture U Than Zaw Oo.

As regards the processes for protecting Myanmar's cultural inheritance, the state must be a member of the United Nations and a UNESCO signed treaty to be able to implement what Myanmar already is. In addition, one year before submitting the file, the applicant must provide the site inscription.

By 1995, Myanmar had not yet completed the demarcation of Bagan and there were no laws to preserve its inheritance at that year. "It[ the army government] has built a two-lane street and a course of gold within the country's inheritance, which violates the process of preserving the world's heritages. During 1996, UNESCO commitee specialists proposed to reapply, with a detailled plan of the site and laws to preserve the heritage," said U Aung Aung Kyaw, head of the Department of Archaeology, National Museum and Library.

Accordingly, in 1997 the authorities adopted a new Act on the Preservation of Patrimony and in 1998 the Act on the Preservation of Patrimony. It was in 1990 that they formally established a border of the antique Bagan heritages. Upgraded Bagan legacy extends to 4987. The 88 hectare "Heritage Zone" is encircled by 17,821.

A 97-hectare cushion area. Currently there are 3822 buildings in the historic area. Use of the site is divided into two parts: the first part concentrates on the site's inheritance, dates of the memorial and the cartography of sites and towns within the area. Then UNESCO will review the local conditions in June and July 2018," said U Aung Aung Kyaw.

Problems can arise because the maintenance of the site and the interests of regional companies must be taken into account in the maintenance of the site. We must therefore consider how we can administer the site for the next 5 or 10 years. "In the past, there have been managment errors in the Bagan Heritage Zone.

There are some of them in old Bagan, for example. Aung Aung Kyaw added, "How to handle this must be incorporated into the managment plans. "We' re going to get on UNESCO's register to improve the preservation of our cultural heritages. The UNESCO participates in nature conservancy processes and advises on better cultivation.

The UNESCO will not administer the site. This will remain the sole responsability of the respective government," Daw Ohn Mar Myo, the UNESCO Director of Projects, said to the Myanmar Times. The UNESCO has 21 member states. It provides $30,000 of engineering knowledge to present claimants from Sites.

Bagan received this aid following last year's quake. The areas already included in the list of UNESCO list of protected areas will benefit from one million dollars in technology and expertise in the event of a catastrophe. Bagan's second proposal will be decided by the WSC in June or July 2019. We will constantly monitor whether Bagan will become the next Myanmar global culture heritages.

In 2014, Myanmar was declared a UNESCO declared a UNESCO Natural History Site:

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