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Private sector development is vital for the country," VP U Myint Swe told Myanmar's entrepreneurs. Pages in category "Archaeological sites in Myanmar". The Gulf of Mottama is Myanmar's fourth Ramsar location. We use cookies to provide the necessary functionality of the website and to improve your online experience. European Union delegation in Myanmar.

Myanmar has an abundance of beautiful landscapes, old sacred relics, busy towns and intriguing festivities, from picturesque Bengalese Gulf shores to the snow-capped summits of the northern Himalayas. It is a land full of culture and culture, but also full of warmer, friendlier peoples with an astonishing diversity of nationalities.

Myanmar is also a rapidly evolving nation, unlike anywhere else in the world: many of the amenities and amenities you are used to may be hard to find; there are ethics and politics to consider; and it can sometimes be a bewildering - even disorienting - place to nav.

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Myanmar is unique for its variety. The great geographic variety ranges from the snow-capped hills in the north.....

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Myanmar mudslide killing 14

BANGKOK - A land slide of a hill of mine debris on Friday mornin' destroyed at least 14 men in the north of Myanmar's southern part of the journey, a policeman said. An unidentified number thought they were lacking, according to Tu Mai, the Seng Tawng community manager in Hpakant in Kachin Stateownship.

Hpakant, 600 leagues from Myanmar's largest town, Yangon, is the epicentre of the world's largest and most profitable youth market. Normally, large quantities of mud are extracted with large tools that can cause landslips. According to Global Witness, a London-based group investigating the abuse of revenue from the use of indigenous sources, in 2014 the sector earned approximately $31 billion, with most of the money going to private persons and businesses linked to the former Myanmar warlords.

Often humans set up near the hills to search for it in the precarious garbage heap. Deaths are not uncommon and more than 100 persons were lost in a major accident in November 2015. On the other hand, the viability of the jet mine sector has caused companies and the authorities to ignore the enforcement of very poor rules in the sector, according to sectarians.

Hpakant, the heartland of the Java area, is also involved in the ongoing violent clash between the Kachin Independence Army and the Kachin people. The Kachin Independence Army has launched a strike against locally based groups to take command of the area.

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