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Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore really not overcrowded sites. What kind of cookies does this website use and which cookies are used? The archaeological sites are one of the richest in Asia and offer views like nowhere else in the world. Myanmar (Burma) is home to a variety of islands, coral reefs and banks, all located in northern and western Thailand. One of Myanmar's leading providers of online travel bookings and ride hailing services.

Myanmar's UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Burma is often regarded as a land that has got bogged down in history because of its historic towns and remains of past epochs that are side by side with contemporary infrastructures. On your journey to Myanmar there are a number of UNESCO places and a preliminary listing of sights to discover.

Malacca Strait's historical centers have been developing trade and culture exchange between East and West in the Strait of Malacca for over 500 years. Europe's, especially Portugal's and Holland's, and Asia's influence has given the city an unparalleled diversity of nationalities. The George Towtown building depicts the late eighteenth c. period in Britain with architectural uniqueness throughout the city.

Partially unearthed Pyu Ancient Fields comprises the remnants of three masonry, brickwork and watered towns of Halin, Beikthano and Sri Ksetra, situated in extensive irrigation areas in the arid Irrawaddy River Basin. Between 200 BC and 900 AD, the town blossomed for 1,000 years. There are still Buddhist Stupas on the grounds today.

It was Myanmar's first capitol and houses more than 2,500 Tenth C. Buddha Schools. One of the most trusted sources in the King's story is written on the stonewalls all over the town. There is a special way for fishers, which many visitors to the area come to see for themselves.

It is a shelter for endangered animals worldwide, including the Asian elephant, the tiger and the white-bellied heron. Explore Myanmar's UNESCO heritage on one of our small group tours or talk to our Asia specialists about organising your itineraries.

Website of the Ministry of Information destroyed by unidentified attackers

Information Department has said that its website has been compromised by non-identified attackers and taken off-line for several inches. According to a January 10 ministerial declaration, has had a DDoS assault or a widespread denial-of-service assault, which is usually a vicious assault that disturbs a host by inundating the target system's broadband.

One of the most frequent types of chopping is the use of DDSs. Usually originating from several locations on the web, it' s hard to identify the originator(s) of your infection. Ministry of Information said the Direct-DoS assault began around 9:30 p.m. on January 7.

On January 8th at 4:00 a.m. the web site was shut down and remained off-line for about six and a half hour, whereby both social media and desktops could not use it. MoI instructions say that the attacker uses IP address from abroad, but does not specify where the attack comes from.

Although MoI said the assault ended on the morning of January 9, with local resident desk tops again able to gain at MoI worked with Ministry of Transport and Communications officers to restore the site, the declaration said. This website is still not available for cell phones and foreigners.

Exactly this paper was revised to mirror the fact that it was the Ministry of Information's website,, and not the MoI Facebook web portal that was destroyed last weeks by the attack on the DDoS. Myanmar Times deplores the mistake.

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