Myanmar Singapore Exchange Rate

Burma Singapore Exchange Rate

Send Singapore Dollar from Singapore to Yangon May I know where the best place to buy Burmese currency is? Burma Kyats to Singapore dollar (MMK/SGD). Singapore is the most important foreign investor. Hello brothers, I just got back from Myanmar and wanted to change their currency back to SGD. Myanmar Economic Development, Institute for Southeast Asian Studies:

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We' re living in Singapore. We' re going to Myanmar next week. We' d rather take Singapore dollar if we can, but will we find many places to modify them and will the prices be as good as for USD? We' re in Yangon and Ngapali beaches. You will have much more restricted opportunities to exchange currency if you take SGD.

There are three major Yangon exchange rates, $/ and SGD, so you have no problems swapping them for Yangon. Please be aware that it is unlikely that you can switch SGD at Ngapali Beach, but it is the preferred local exchange game. We' ve only just got back from Yangon last weekend and have no problems converting the SGD at the airfield and the local bank into Kyoto.

Exchange rate is the same no matter which one you go to. You can be sure to have crunchy $/?/SD for exchange or your own spending during your journey in Myanmar! You can also give all 5000 Kyat bills back to the coin changers/banks that have hand-written markings on them, as some places will not tolerate them, although most would do so.

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See how to transfer money to Myanmar. Get Best SGD to MMK Exchange Rate

Sorry, we have no results for the match when we send cash from Singapore to Myanmar for the amount of $1000. We' re working to give you the best results from Singapore dollars to Myanmar Burma Kyat so you can make the best decisions and reduce your exchange rate and fee for your funds transfers.

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