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Like other places in Myanmar, Homalin is a warm and humid township. Lake Inle, Mrauk Oo, KengTung for sightseeing, leisure and vacation tours. Find detailed information about Myanmar's tourist places and attractions nearby. It is not difficult to understand why tourism has been booming in Myanmar lately. That' s why Myanmar is also called "Golden Land".

Full Day Sightseeing in Myanmar Bago tours

At 8:00 a.m. we will meet you in the old city of Bago (formerly known as Pegu), 80 kilometres north east of Yangon. Visiting the interesting Bago market with vegetable, flower and raw material sorts. Then we will stop at the Shwetharhlaung Buddha with its huge lying Buddha, which has a more than 1000 year old story; the Monastic Education Center near by; the trip goes on to the Shwemawdaw Buddha, with 114 meters the highest Buddha in Myanmar and from there to HinthaGon Buddha, the place where Bago was born.

Later in the day return to Yangon and see KanbawzaThardy, the old King BayintNaung Castle, the four huge seated Buddha pictures and, if there is enough space, a brief stroll to the HtautKyant war cemetery. Included in our travel rate are the following services: We do not offer the following service:

Burma Popular tourist places travel guide

The Myanmar Tourist Places Tourist Guide App provides detailed information about all the country's favorite tourist places and most frequented tourist sites and helps you find the best places for your holiday. Burma, also known as Burma, is a south-east Asian nation and one of the most magic travel destination in the underworld.

Burma is a country of stunning scenic and scenic gold, full of historical, cultural and traditional attractions. Burma has many islands and is encircled by the astonishing variety of wildlife and undersea world. This app will give you all the information about top tourist attractions Temples and pagodas Famous monasteries Top Wonders Best beaches Monuments Top museums Historic places National parks and nature reserves Family attractions Cities to see Famous caves Famous island churches, shrines and temples Adventure sports resorts Beautiful lakes and waterfalls Festival and cultural activities Famous shopping streets Famous street foods and much other precious information.

The Myanmar Popular Tourist Places Tourist Guide application contains the following subcategories: When you are traveling to Myanmar, please feel free to make your holiday memorable by downloading the application.

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