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There are many tourist places to visit in Myanmar, there are very nice sights, attractions in Myanmar. Visit the city of Myanmar and its main attractions. The Golden Place compiles the list of destinations and places of interest in Myanmar for tourists. Find out what's so special about these places. In the morning breakfast at the hotel - sights like Sule Pagoda - in the afternoon the famous pagodas (including Botataung) - Shewethalyaung Buddha in Bago.

Touring and sightseeing in Inle See, Myanmar

Following your stay at the lodge, you will be able to take a full-time tour of the Villa Inle Resort by car onboard. In the mornings, your trip to the Inle Sea (by boat) to the following places, such as for example singular legs and landscape beauties, angling with specific ways to fish and collect seaweeds, sea sludge etc., to make swimming yards.

A visit to Inle Lakes is not only about being on the waters but also about exploring the towns of Shan and Intha on the shores of the inle. Passing infinite swimming pools, cottages, monasteries along the lakeside canals. We will stop at Nga Phe Kyaung Monastery and then drive to Nampan to visit the Burma's own cigar making plant (Cheroot) and canoeing workshop.

You will drive through some towns on the way back to the resort to experience the lakeside world. Accommodation at Villa Inle Resort. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Visiting the town of Indein, situated on the west side of the shore and the secluded gem of Lac Inle (45 minutes by boat). On the way back to the lodge, you' ll be visiting the Myaynigone town.

Accommodation at Villa Inle Resort. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: After about 1.3 hours you will reach Kalaw, where there is a tranquil summer resort with many beautiful strolls and scented pinewoods. Mornings in Kalaw, visiting Theindaung Monastery, Aung Chan Tha Phayar, Shweohnmin Phayar and cave. Afterwards you will travel to the small, tranquil city of Pindaya and experience the beautiful landscape along the Pindaya-river.

The Pindaya Caves, famous for their Buddha sculptures made of lime, and the beautiful landscape on the way to the city. The Pindaya Lake, the production of umbrellas and sandpaper and the Pindaya Shwe U Min caves, famous for their innumerable Buddha pictures. Return to Inle .

Accommodation at Villa Inle Resort. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Accommodation at Villa Inle Resort. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Journey to Taunggyi (30 km - 1 hour) and further about one hours, according to street and meteorological condition to Kakku. Leaving KAKKU for a trip to Htan-Pha-Ya Island and Caves. On the way back to Taunggyi, you' ll be visiting a traditional Pao town with its plantation.

Go back to Inle. Accommodation at Villa Inle Resort. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Situated on the east bank of Isel, half of the Maing Thauk is on the shores of the sea and the other half on dry ground, the two parts being connected by a long timber footbridge. You will find a lively open-air museum and, further up the hill, the Maing Thauk Forest Monastery, from where you have a magnificent view of the lakes.

Continue to Dala Bin town, it lasts 1h30 and walking to Kin De' for 30 mins. The hike leads you through a hilly landscape of such great natural beauties and to beautiful scenery and different types of plantations. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: If you want a completely different adventure, visit the Red Mountain Estate winery in the hilly area of Lake Inle for a wind-sweep.

This is one of only two Myanmar vines that definitely takes the form of your daily Myanmar experiences and makes you immediately begin to think you've been planted in the southern part of France. Then, we head to the Ayetharyar vine yard near the famed Inle Lake for a 30 -minute ride between the vine yard and Nyang Shwe, the north bank of the famed Inle Lake.

You will then travel to Taunggyi, the capitol of Shan State, known for its beautiful landscape and agreeable weather. Return to Lake Inle and stay at Villa Inle Resort. INCLUDED IN THE PRICE: Please be aware that you will need a removable device if you want to keep Bamboo Delight prescriptions.


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