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It is one of the best places to visit in Myanmar, especially when you are on a tour of the country's temples. Here is a list of destinations in Myanmar (Burma) that are worth a visit. Are you looking for a tailor-made holiday in Burma (Myanmar)? Select a hotel - Advertise in Myanmar's tourism market. Sights are the Thein Taung Pagoda.

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Triple-story Thitsawadi Tempel is a three-storey edifice with Bagan's old architecture. Attractive stucco work and interesting murals can be found in this church. The Dhamma yazika Cavalcade. Constructed by Narapatisithu in 1196 A.D. It is a massive round Shwezigon style marble tower, but its construction is complex and extraordinary. There are three lower decks decorated with terra ces depicting the jatakas or birth stories of Buddha, and at the bottom on each side there is a small sanctuary with a small rectangular cellar containing a picture of Buddha.

All of them are constructed on a elevated plateau surrounded by a bricklaying..... Willido is a group of churches that is still hard for travellers to reach. The people who have entered the Winidotempple have said that they have seen singular works from this period. Zinphyushin Tempel was constructed by King Thihathu or Zinphyushin of Pinya.

There are old murals inside the interior wall of the shrine. On the outside of the sanctuary there are lovely patterns, carvings and moulded stuccos. The Tayok Pye is a large sanctuary situated in Minnanthu. The castle was constructed by Narathihapate (1256-1287), also known as the Emperor who escaped the invading Mongols.

That'?s the significance of Tayok Pye in Myanmar. It is still permitted to ascend this sanctuary to watch the sun set in Bagan. The Pyathadar-Tempel ( "Temple of Pyathadar") is a memorial of the twin caves. to the Payathonzu temples. Payathonzu is named this way because the memorial is made up of three different small quadratic chapels with arched hallways and arcades connected by two small arched hallways that lead from one to the other.

There is a beautiful wall paintings on the wall of the hallways and the arch. Levyethna temple. Constructed in 1222 A.D. by Minister Anantathura, who also erected an engraving in rock. It is located on a high plateau and faces eastwards. On the inside there are wall paintings.

Sulamani-village. Constructed in 1183 AD by Narapatisithu, it is similar in layout to Thatbyinnyu. It is a two-storey building, each of which is staggered backwards and tops by patios decorated with battlement and small stupa, each above a deep molded ledge with glass panels of different size and pattern.

On the map each floor is a sqare and four verandas..... Situated a little bit southward of Thiripyitsaya, this was constructed by Htilominlo. The large, bell-shaped cloister is located on four quadratic patios, each surrounded by a vertical Buddha picture in tile and plaster. At the foot of the podium, on each side of the terrace, there are 39 pictures of the elephant forming 156 of them.

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