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sightseeing in Myanmar

Travel to Myanmar, also known as the Golden Land, with its glittering pagodas and magnificent rainforests. Breakfast is followed by a tour of the sights of Bagan. Myanmar, an exotic country with an ancient heritage and an unmistakable culture. Inle Lake tours, Myanmar. Myanmar Stream Sightseeing free online.

Burma Attractions

Yangon, as you know, is one of the most beautiful cities in Asia, there will be a good number of parks and parks in the area. Hühnersatay is one of the most favourite food in Myanmar. The Myanmar residents of antiquity showed their hospitableness by offering kunhsay-laphet (betel, tobaccos and tea) to their host.

Homaline is a tranquil city in the northwest of Myanmar. Situated on the picturesque Chindwin River and near the Indian border, the city is the capitol of the Homalin Townhip. Like other places in Myanmar, Homalin is a hot and humid township. 2. Myanmar's main resident is the Naga with the Naga Traditional New Year Festival - one of the most interesting celebrations you can miss in Myanmar.

You can get to Homalin via the 530 km long Mandalay or Yangon by air. Homalin, a great place to open the New Year! Leshi, or Lashe or Lay Shi is a church in the Sagaing Division of Myanmar. This is the Naga and like Homalin it is well known for the Naga New Year and other festivities.

Leshi gives you great opportunities to experience the festivities with nice natives and beautiful view. In Mingun, region Sagaing, about 11 km from Mandalay, on the west shore of the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar, the Migun Belfry was regarded as the biggest doorbell in the word until 2000.

Situated in the region of Legaing, Myanmar, 136 km north west of Mandalay on the east shore of the Chindwin River. Saaing is the main town of the region of Myanmar and is situated on the Irrawaddy River. Today it is the most important centre of the region with its many Buddhistic cloisters.

In the past, the historical centre of Legaing was the main town of the Legaing Kingdom (1315-1364), which dominated part of Burma's main territory after the pagan feud. In the Ava era (1364-1555) the town was the fiefdom of the throne or the older lords. TODDRY COTTLE is one of the classic Myanma snack.

The sauce is then added to slices of coconut. You will receive softly stewed Toady Cakes after five mins. Afterwards, if you press a little bit of lemon into it, you get stewed Toady Cakes with a tasty sweet-sour tast.

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