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sightseeing in Myanmar

Travel to Myanmar, also known as the Golden Land, with its glittering pagodas and magnificent rainforests. An exhaustive list of activities in Mandalay, Burma Myanmar. Contains all important sights and activities in and around Mandalay. Breakfast is followed by a tour of the sights of Bagan. Myanmar, an exotic country with an ancient heritage and an unmistakable culture.

Twenty-three Best Sights, Attractions, Cultural and Historical Tours in Myanmar - Compare Prices and Opinions

Myanmar's fracturing colorful architectural style, innumerable covered churches, breathtaking scenery and natives with timid but..... Myanmar, a mystic land that has only recently become available, is still mysterious and thrilling. Take a look at the bustling roads of Yangon and some quite impressive archeological places in Bagan..... It is currently low seasons in Myanmar.

The prizes are good, and Myanmar's rides are not overcrowded. Discover the Yangon town on the tracks like a native with your own expert guides..... Catch the full Yangon adventure in this all-inclusive trip! Accompany us on an interesting half-day trip and discover various mediaeval practices on Legaing Hill.....

Leaving the town behind you and exploring the landscape..... Accompany our guides after breakfasts, while we take a breathtaking ride over the... Accompany us on this early bird watching trip through Mandalay, the cloisters, palagodas and a.....

The Monywa and Monywa Myanmar Tourist Places, Monywa Tourist Places

Approximately 20 leagues eastwards from Monywa is a renowned Shwe Gu Ni pit stop from the 13th and 18th centuries. This 33-metre high Buddha picture is covered with golden foil and the Buddha picture's face is hardly visible due to a thick golden quotation. Pagodas are celebrated every year in May (Myanmar Kason), when the whole area is full of.....

In Monywa by road, you should stop about 20 kilometers from the city to see this extraordinary buddhistic temples on 37 hectares of property that is part of the Mohnyin Forest Monastery retreat. Launched on 20 June 1939, the podium was finished on 2 March 1952.

A number of people say that this pagoda is reminiscent of Borobodur....... Monywa City. there are lively market places, restaurants, a degree college attached to Mandalay University, a technical college, and soon there will be an economic institute, the second after the one in Yangon.

Now privatized, has four-room comfort cabins with all comforts, all air-conditioned, to Mandalay in the Upper Myanmar area. In Monywa by road, you should stop about 20 kilometers from the city to see the city..... The Nyaunggan is situated in the municipality of Budalin, Monywa district, Sagaing area.

There is a graveyard near Nyaunggan Vilage which was dug out in 1998 and 1999. The Htan Ta Loke Chaung (Chaung means brook) is a well-known picknick place in the town of Kyaukka, Monywa. The Kyaukka is only 12 leagues from Monywa, just behind the Shwe Gu Ni Pagoda. It' a large town known for the production of Kyaukka goods.

The Kyaukka lacquerware is heavy and more sophisticated and elaborate than Bagan lacquerware. The pagodas in Upper Myanmar specialise in traditional Kyaukka varnishes of golden and blackened colours. Kyaukka was overcrowded when the Shwe Gu Ni Magoda Fe..... Situated on the western shore of the Chindwin and 25 kilometres western of Monywa.

Approximately 900 sand-stone caverns with many Buddha carvings and well-preserved murals. A number of caverns have large collection of old Buddha pictures, some of which have been decorated with native pilgrims' work. The Laykyun Setkyar Standing Buddha Image was made by Bodhi Tahtaung Sayadaw (Venerable Monk).

At 116 metres, it is the second highest Buddha picture in the whole wide universe. It' also on the Po Khaung Taung directly behind the lying Buddha picture. Completed in 2008, the picture has become one of the most important touristic attraction..... The Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda in Monywa has a thousand Bodhi trees and each one has a large Buddha picture underneath.

Founded by Bodhi Tahtaung Sayadaw in the 1960'. The Po Khaung Taung, a chain of ridges, is situated eastwards of the Bodhi Tahtaung Pagoda. On top of this mound is the biggest Buddha picture in the whole wide universe, 91 metres long. It is a gigantic picture with a cavernous texture and you can go from top to toe.

Situated about 6 leagues eastwards from Budalin Town Ship. One of the most popular peaks in the area, it is situated in the centre of Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park. Every year hundrets and thousand of pagoda believers worship the pagoda during the arid time. It is situated in the municipality of Minkin in the Sagaing area.

Founded in 1941 as a nature reserve and opened as a national park in 1984, it is Myanmar's biggest national park. Situated on the western shore of the Chindwin Riviera, just behind Pho Win Hill. A lot of caverns and churches are cut out of the volcano cliffs and full of old Buddha pictures.

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