Myanmar Sights

Burma Sights

It' now common to visit Myanmar. When this is your first visit to Myanmar, almost anything you see on your travels can be considered worth seeing. Guidebook to the best sights in Myanmar selected by our travel experts. Inle Lake attractions including Indein Village. Burma, formerly known as Burma, has wonderful places to visit, see and do things.

Myanmar's amazing sights

Burma is witnessing an increase in the number of overseas tourists who can take in some of the most stunning outlooks. Burma is one of the youngest of Asia's riches to be discovered. The number of international visits has been increasing rapidly since 2010. This is one of the most pious Buddhaist lands in the hemisphere, with the highest percentage of religious communities, and 90 per cent of Myanmar's people.

Finding a place where you can't see at least one of Burma's most prestigious buildings, a place where you can't see a single one. Myanmar still has powerful Myanmar tradition, such as the swimming houses in Lake Inle and one of the most distinctive ones on earth: the Padaung woman, who has worn bronze rolls around her neck since a boy.

Golden Myanmar

Burma is a truly one-of-a-kind flowering plant from Far Eastern Asia. Formerly known as Burma, the land has been closed to travellers for centuries, and has remained unaffected by its insularity. Although it is a wonderful land, it is the true joy, wonder and kindness of the natives that make it one of the most attractive in Asia.

Burma is littered with literal golden. It is a mythic place like no other because of its lofty landscape, fascinating story, cheerful folk and deep buddhistic sophistication. Burma is full of treasures: from sunsets over the Shwedagon Pagoda and gold-plated Buddhas in Yangon to sunrises over the magic Stupa and Temple of Bagan and to glide over the glazed Lake Inle.

Throughout our visit we will explore the quiet, proud land of wonders and secrets, which unfolds in a rag rug of dreamlike scenery and memorable vistas with gold coupons. You will be thrilled, impressed and fascinated by Myanmar, and you will find the kind of Asia you won't find anywhere else.

Myanmar, which became known in the history of the world' s adventure a hundred years ago, has reopened its door, and we are sure you will concur with Rudyard Kipling, who wrote: "This is Burma, and it is different from any country you know. It was a marvellous time to see Myanmar. The situation, the kind folks and the women I was traveling with.

Myanmar was a great place to be. They were extraordinary! Gorgeous journey, many new experiences. Marvelous humans - very interesting. Laughing a great deal, learning a great deal about Myanmar and loving the chance to come and see this beauty.

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