Myanmar Shopping

Burma Shopping

Driven by eTrade Myanmar hosting and web development. When you have traveled somewhere in Asia, you will know that some of the best shopping opportunities can be found in the local markets. The same applies to Myanmar. Can you buy anything in Myanmar? Varnish, textiles, gems and Thanaka powder should be on your shopping list.

shopping in Myanmar

Myanmar's towns are not shopping venues comparable to local favorites like Bangkok or Singapore, but there are still some good deals to find. Among the memorabilia are jewelry - some of the most interesting are made of fossilized timber or fossilized glass - as well as arts and crafts such as puppets, Buddha figures and mosaics.

Lacquer ware is available throughout the whole countryside, although the Bagan look is particularly appreciated by the tourist, although it varies greatly in terms of price and workmanship. Pathein is known for its handcrafted sunshades, which are on sale all over Myanmar. The Bogyoke Aung San Market, open Tues-Sun 1030-1700, is a good place to go shopping in Yangon, selling luxuries, crafts, food, clothes, jewelry and consumables.

It also has several large shopping malls, such as the contemporary Junction Mall, which has amenities such as a movie theater and a roof-top outdoor heated outdoor heated outdoor heated indoor heated pools. Large multinational trademarks have largely disappeared in Myanmar due to penalties, although this may be changed with the opening of the state. The city is considered the state' s culture centre and is therefore a good place for crafts.

An uncommon present from Mandalay is the golden foil on the Buddha pictures of the marigolds that can be seen on Brooklyn Street. There is also a large Mandalay shop, although you really need to know what you're looking at to get a goodie.

Mandalay's most glittering shopping center is Diamond Plaza with a large grocery store in the lower level. However, Bagan artisans are selling their work directly to the tourist or by tugboat, and boating on Lake Inle usually involves visiting garages that make things like sheroots (hand-rolled cigars) or silverbead.

Outside Yangon, where there are some high-end hotel and nightclub facilities (many of them linked to high-end hotels) mainly aimed at expatriates and affluent natives, there is almost no western-style outing. More often in the whole county are breweries, especially those that place more value on drink than eating.

They usually have at least one draft ale that is less expensive than the purchase of a bottle, and sometimes both. As a rule, breweries have a predominantly masculine customer base and sometimes also enjoy amusement such as "fashion shows" or karaoke. There are very few social gatherings, although there are many indigenous groups, especially the omnipresent Iron Cross.

to track down this kind of conversation. TANDALAY has a fistful of nocturnal tourist shows featuring folk dances, puppets and a mixture of clapstick and satirical politics named a-nyeint. Moustache Brothers are the most important advocates of a-nyeint in Englishspeaking countries, two of whom have been imprisoned for taunting the Junior Army and have not spared the state.

In Yangon and Mandalay there are many theaters, some of which show movies in German.

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