Myanmar Shan state Map

Burma Shan state map

Shan State Trekking map, Hsipaw: Maps of towns and villages in Shan State, Myanmar, topography and contours. Locate the best hiking trails in Hsipaw, Shan State (Myanmar). You can download GPS tracks from Hsipaw, Shan State (Myanmar). Bicycle the best of Shan State through Yangon, Pindaya, Kalaw and Inle Lake.

Burmese authorities Nab illicit drugs, bovine animals at the New China Border Checkpoint in Shan State

Myanmar's north Shan state authorities have confiscated more than $1.5 million in illicit narcotics, wood and bovine products at a new vehicle control centre that opened two month ago, an officer working at the control point said. You relocated the narcotics that were on their way to China from the Yepu check-point to a policestation in the city of Theinni, said Theat Tun Aung, assistant manager of the control area.

Public officials also recently impounded two lorries containing illicit wood and bovine animals on their way to China, he said. In the two-month period following the opening of the check point, the agencies confiscate illicitly carried goods, of which 888 g (two pounds) were taken from smack and 74 bovine animals, totalling 2.23 billion kyat ($1.62 million), he said.

"We have confiscated illicit foods that should not be eaten, clothes, housewares, shoes, beef, snake, wood from our padauks and some chemical products to make medicines," said Theat Tun Aung. "We took the wood, the cow and the snake to the State Forestry Administration," he said. Customs will forward other objects, such as clothes, food and housewares, that have been imported with illicit documentation from China.

The Shan state and neighbouring Kachin state are breeding grounds for illicit drugs and trafficking activity, in which ethnical insurgent groups - some of which participate in the illicit activity - have regularly conducted antagonisms with the Myanmar military for years.

Fatal collisions strike Kokang in Myanmar Shan State | Myanmar News

A minimum of 30 persons were murdered in a Chinese frontier area after a surprising assault was started by insurgents - some in policemen's outfits. Monday's collisions were some of the most serious that erupted in the Chinese-speaking Kokang area in the northeast of Shan State, as the 2015 conflict claimed many lives and displaced millions of lives across the Chinese frontier.

Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) rebel group started an assault on Kokang policing and army stations on Monday, Myanmar's de facto head Aung San Suu Kyi's brief. An own group of militants later attacking places in Laukkai, a capital in Kokang.

"According to home information, many innocent civilians included an elementary-school teacher.... were terminated because of assaults by the MNDAA gunmen," the state consultant's bureau said in a briefing. He also said that some of the assailants were wearing dressed in their own uniform. This testimony, together with graphical images of the deceased and injured, states that at least five civilian and five policemen were murdered in the wars.

Unauthorized videos, which were shown in the public relations press, showed parts of the city that were still on fire on Monday afternoons, while the civilian population went to rest amidst the rattling of the small fire. One of the armies' sources said to the AFP that the battles continued as nightfall broke. A rebel confederation, the Northern Alliance, MNDAA included, which has not yet participated in the nationwide peacemaking negotiations, acknowledged that its members were in Laukkai.

However, a Facebook article said they conducted the assault "to withstand a hostile self-defense offensive" and since December have quoted Myanmar as having conducted hostile operational missions. Burma is riven by numerous inter-ethnical clashes, but the Kokang dispute has led to tension with China. Recent battles raise the specter of another flight to China.

At the beginning of 2015, ten thousand refugees escaped there when several dozen civil men, insurgents and military forces were killed in month-long battles in the isolated and upland area. Myanmar fighter planes have launched bombings on its side of the frontier during this fight, China said. The indigenous population speaks a Mandarin accent and China's Japanese franc is the single European dollar.

Opinion-seekers say that the Chinese authorities have a significant influence on the insurgents. Since the end of last year, the conflicts with the Northern Alliance have become more acute throughout Shan State, and have claimed more than 160 human life in the long frontier area.

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