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Pages in category "Video games in Myanmar". Burma sets the historic date for the parliamentary elections. The Rohingya refugees cross the border between Bangladesh and Myanmar through the Bay of Bengal. The Roots of the Rohingya Crisis video thumbnail: Eradication of a Myanmar ethnic group.

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I' m always everywhere! I' ve got so many bright lights, so much planning, they're always on my head. As of March I would write something funny and marvelous about Manchester every Monday, but a weeks later I put that aside for now, as I would die to split my new video!

I' ve never really made a video before, I put a bunch of them on my mobile device, but this one I really wanted to put together contents to make an event that really mattered to me. It' not yet perfected, I don't have a penchant for movies (I'm very insecure!), but I just hopefully it will give you a better feeling and a better link to my two week in Myanmar:

Do you have any video creative advice? Great interest in arts and designs, discover new culture and learn from my experience.

U.S. U.S. diplomat leaves Myanmar's emergency board "whitewash" Rohingya

Bill Richardson, an experienced US Diplomate, has stepped down from an intergovernmental body set up by Myanmar to discuss the Rohingya crises, saying it has carried out a "whitewash" and accused the country's head, Aung San Suu Kyi, of not having "moral leadership". Richardson, a former member of the Clinton government government ministry, announced when the ten-member council made its first trip to Rakhine State in the west, from which almost 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped in recent weeks.

"Richardson Reuters said in an interviewer's statement, and added that he did not want to be part of a "cheerleader command for the government", "The primary cause for my resignation is that this council is whitewashing. Richard Richardson said he came into an argument with Suu Kyi during a hearing on Monday with other members of the committee when he fetched up the case of two Reuters reporter indicted on attempt of violating the Official Secrets Act of the State.

Aung San Suu Kyi's answer was "angry" because the case of the reporter was "not part of the work of the Beirat. Suu Kyi and her spokesperson Zaw Htay, who is also a spokesperson for the administration, did not respond to inquiries. Reporter Wa Lone, 31, and Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, had been working on Reuter's reporting on the Rakhine crises, from where 688,000 Rohingya have escaped insurgency intervention by the armed forces since the end of August, according to United Nations estimations.

Goverment quoted Rakhine policemen for holding classified information about the Rakhine area. US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said Richardson's resignation and reasoning were "cause for concern", but noted that he had joined the executive committee as a personal person and visited Myanmar, also known as Burma.

"Burma's authorities are committed to implementing the Annan Commission's definitive recommendation and we have strongly encouraged the authorities to deliver on their commitment," she said. "In the end, the Myanmar authorities and the army have the power to decide whether the advisory council will be successful," Nauert said.

"It is clear from the United States that we are ready to assist the Annan European Council in its endeavours to put into practice the Annan Commission's proposals. "The Rakhine State Advisory Committee was set up last year by Myanmar to discuss the results of a previous committee under the leadership of former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Rohingya witnessed and charged the military with killing, rape and torching in a what was called rape, ethnical purification by United Nations and United States leaders. The Myanmar has rejected this sticker and has rejected almost all accusations. He also said he was "amazed at the vigor with which the press, the United Nations, defamation of those working for the protection of fundamental freedoms and the wider world have been denigrated" during the last three day of the Executive Committee meeting with representatives of Myanmar.

"She' s not getting good advices from her team," Richardson said about Suu Kyi, whom he has known since the 80s. However, it has not shown ethical guidance on the Rakhine question and the accusations made, and I deplore that. "Suu Kyi's senior secretary, Thaung Tun, said Reuters had accompanied the other members of the executive committee on Wednesday on a visit to Rakhine, but that Richardson had not taken part.

" Prior to Richardson's departure, the Council had ten members, five of whom were from abroad, under the chairmanship of former Thai Deputy Prime Minister Surakiart Sathirathai. Richardson, a former US envoy to the United Nations and Clinton government minister for power, also had tough words for Surakiart. He was not "really obliged" to implement suggestions on security, nationality, freedom, stability as well as on the topics of economic and social change.

"Richardson said, pointing out the fighters of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. He was in Rakhine with other members of the Executive Committee and did not react to any inquiries for comments.

Reuters said another member of the executive committee, former Southafrican Defence Minister Roelof Meyer, that the trip to Rakhine had been "very constructive". "It would be totally false, unjust if someone said we were just a brand or a vote on our government's behalf," he said. "Other members of the executive committee, including the UK physician and political figure Lord Darzi of Denham and the spokesman for the Swede parliamentary group Urban Ahlin, were not immediately available.

Rakhardson said he refused to join the Council's Rakhine state Re-patriation camps on Wednesday and went to Yangon instead. Myanmar's army said early this September that its troops participated in the killing of 10 captive Islamic "terrorists" in early September, after Buddhist village residents coerced the captive men into a tomb that the village people had sunk.

This was a seldom recognition of misconduct during his Rakhine operation by Myanmar's army, saying that lawsuits would be taken against members of the police who violate their deployment regulations and the village people in it. He said he had asked the executive committee to advise the Myanmar administration to set up an impartial inquiry into "the problem of collective graves, especially regarding the participation of the military".

Didn't say how the executive reacted. Rohingya crises broke out after ARSA assaults on Rakhine's safety stations on 25 August provoked a violent army reaction. Burma says its forces were involved in lawful insurgency-raids. On Wednesday, the UN urged Myanmar to grant unimpeded humanitarian organisations unrestricted entry to the refugee camp it had set up for ten thousand Rohingya migrants after they had reached an agreement with Bangladesh on their comeback.

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