Myanmar Series Movies

Burma Series Movies

Currently no western films/TV series are shown in Myanmar. The series is supported by the Taipei Cultural Center of TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) in New York. I' d like to share some information about buying an international film in Yangon. We produce high-quality entertainment content such as films, games, TV series and commercials for viewers all over the world. And Stallone always delivers action movies in this respect.

New Myanmar (TV series 2013-)

Myanmar opens after half a centurys of insulation. In the aftermath of a decade of totalitarian armed forces domination, the way is paved by a process of reform, both politically and economically. Penalties have been abolished, ceasefire has been relaxed and some of those who escaped into bankruptcy more than 20 years ago are coming back for the first a year.

Everyone seems to be speaking of "The New Myanmar". This series of six shows, presented by Anasuya Sanyal of Channel News Asia, gives the audience an overview of the country's changes from those who experience it first hand: Economic and political figures, politicians, artists, reporters, environmentalists, activists and of course normal souls.

Myanmar dubbed animated series from China to air in August

On the MRTV site in Yangon last night, Myanma Radio and Television (MRTV) and Guangxi People's Broadcasting Station (GPBS) organized a joint launch ceremonies for a Myanmar dubbed animated series in China. This animated series is about a white-headed Langur and his wildlife lovers in the Guangxi Province and aims to protect and preserve nature and the mountain world.

MRTV Director General U Myint Htway and GPBS Director General Fan Yi gave greetings and kids responded to quiz questions, drew and painted. Next, a reviewer was created about the broadcast Myanmar dubbed series from China and two first places, four second places, six third places and 38 comfort award winner were awarded.

The MRTV Director General U Myint Htway said the animated series will be aired in August. This series comprises around 30 parts and is scheduled to be aired on Sunday morning. According to the terms of the contract, the series will be shown in China for about three years. Films with Myanmar sync are not often aired, so it might be uncomfortable at first.

Myanmar films were to be shot here and broadcasted in China under the terms of the latest co-operation deal. MRTV and GPBS entered into an alliance in September 2013. According to the Memorandum of Understanding, GPBS and MRTV travelled from 2013 to 2015. A further contract was concluded in March 2017 and a common contract for the productions of films in China was concluded in June 2017.

Mandarin synchronisation. According to the terms of the deal, several dubbed series have already been broadcast on Myanmar in China.

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