Myanmar Seasons

The Myanmar Seasons

The high northern mountains of Myanmar protect the rest of the country from cold air masses from Central Asia. Seasons of Myanmar Most countries in the western hemisphere have four seasons, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. The summer, rainy season and winter season. There are officially three seasons in Myanmar, but I have the feeling that we have been robbed of winter in Yangon - and as far as I know, climate change will not help. There is a seasonal bakery in every town market.

in Myanmar: Climate and Weather

Myanmar's high northerly peaks shield the remainder of the land from colder winds from Asia. Myanmar has a temperate rainforest with the exception of a small part of the south with subquatorial climates. Savannas in the middle of the land are susceptible to sandstorms during the drought of one year.

Meteorological conditons in the southern and northerly regions are almost opposite. Whereas in the southern hemisphere the temperatures never fall below 16 C (61 F), the northerly hills are capped with icecaps. Myanmar is not normally divided into four seasons. Three seasons: wet, dry and chilly. During the first months of the year, the vernal analog of summers is brought to Myanmar.

Temperatures in the central areas of the countryside can rise to 40°C (104°F) and more. The April weather marked the drought. The remainder of the rainy period and the beginning of the rainy period halve May. In the second half of the Monsoon period, strong rainstorms drift in the southerly areas where they actually reside.

Myanmar's middle and north parts are not as much rained as the south. Thus, coastlines are better places to see the land in early springs. 13-17 April - New Year holidays in Myanmar. Myanmar Buddhist groups also have many festivals linked to certain lunar events throughout the year. With regard to the temperature area, small changes in the Myanmar climate will occur in summers.

The majority of them affect key areas, where the daily mean temperatures in June and July fall to around 35°C (95°F). Though this period is regarded as the wet seasons, the rainfall in the main and north is not as strong as in the southern area. In August the wheather does not change in Myanmar.

Except it makes a stay in the southern part of the countryside almost intolerable when combined with high temperatures and extremes of hum. Therefore, the main and north parts of Myanmar are better to be visited at this period. In July, Vassa begins - a three-month rain retreat. Septembre and the first half of October are still the wet seasons. However, since the second half of October, the climate has been beginning to develop characteristics of the best travel period in Myanmar, the area.

Returning to the most convenient area, the rain stops. When designing mountain areas, the visitor should pay attention to a clear change in altitude and take a few pullovers. In October the Myanmar Buddhists are celebrating the end of the Vassa retreat. Decembre is the winter time in Myanmar (which is actually the most comfortable).

Not even the warmest core parts are that warm. The month of February is the time of year from the winter to the dry one. The drying period is under control until the end of February. The tiring temperature is somewhat calmed by the sea breezes, but only in the coast of the state.

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