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Imprisoned Myanmar reporters in custody for another 2 week, SE Asia News & Top Stories

Rangoon - Two Reuters reporters who have been imprisoned in Myanmar for two consecutive months were held in detention for another two consecutive days as an investigation into claims that they have violated the law on state secrecy continued, her attorney said. Presenting in tribunal, Mr Wa Lone, 31, and Mr Kyaw Soe Oo, 27, were able to see their family and their attorney for the first meeting since they were arrested on the 12 December nocturnal.

They said they had not been abused in prison. "This is a good situation," Mr Wa Lone said after the interview, and added that the two were detained on Yangon policing grounds. Tens of reporter and camera operators were outside the court building in a north Yangon area for the performance of the two newsmen.

Arriving in a blank delivery vehicle instead of a cop car, in laid-back clothing and without handcuffs. It was only their family and attorneys who were permitted into the courts, along with policemen and attorneys from the state. They have yet to be tried by a tribunal, but they are faced with a trial under the dramatic colonial-era trade secrecy law for supposedly holding documentation related to the army's crack-down in the state of Rakhine, a high-sensitivity topic in Myanmar.

You had been working on Reuters' reporting on a Rakhine crises, where an estimated 655,000 Rohingya Muslims have escaped violent fighting. After they were summoned to join the Yangon suburban policemen for supper, they were detained. Your attorney, Mr. Than Zaw Aung, who was appointed by Reuters, said in court:

In the name of its reporter, Reuters has disputed any misconduct and defended its right to cover an important topic on a worldwide scale. Investigations of the two jounalists are based on a section of the Official Secrecy Act which provides for a 14-year high. This year, at least 11 media representatives were detained in Myanmar, among them two international correspondents and a resident reporter working for the state-owned TRT television station in Turkey.

In October, they were convicted to two-month imprisonment next to their chauffeur for having flown a UAV near the Myanmar parliamentary buildings.

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