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Tula Toli massacre: Roheingya remembers the horrors of the Myanmar military assault | World Press Releases

This was the swiftly running stream that caused the Tula Toli residents to fail. The malicious sea that meandered around the isolated town on three sides enabled Burma's troops to drive and capture the humans on the sandside. A few were killed on the scene. "He remembers in an interview a weekend later in a shelter for refugees in neighboring Bangladesh, his bloody lips and his shirts covered in perspiration and mud.

He said that young people and grown-ups were killed with guns while infants and young children, and his youngest child, six-month-old Hasina, were flung into the mud. Over 160,000 of Myanmar's 1. 1 million Rohingya tribe have escaped to Bangladesh and have brought along histories that they say describe racial clean-up.

The fugitives flew to the western slopes for a three-day hike to the Myanmar-Bangladesh frontier. Tula Toli's history is terrible, but not one-of-a-kind. After being punished for its guerilla attacks by an up-and-coming Rohingya militants group on 25 August, the military has launched a massive counter-offensive through North Rakhine State.

Most Rohingya had already fled. Municipal confrontations with Buddhists in Rakhine caused 140,000 Rohingya to abandon their houses in 2012. This is the most violent surge to date, and right-wing groups have said it could be a last action to free Myanmar from the Rohingya. Reports of brutal Rohingya warriors attacking Hindus and Buddhists in Rakhine have also appeared.

Tula Toli's peasants, who lived their life cultivating chilli and paddy, said that there were no fighters in their villages when the armies invaded. On the eve of the assault, a group of men from a town on the other side of the Dual Toli stream floated over to flee the war. Over 10 were killed in the riverbank, says Petam Ali, who has housed some of the IDPs in his home.

Watching their villages burning from across the stream. "I' m living on the northern side of the town and the armies had traversed the stream further northerly and marched down. To run into the jungles and find the troops. "so they tossed the kids into the creek.

I' ve been hid on the southern side of the creek. Kabir Ahmed's sibling Zahir was down by the stream but in another place when the military arrives. And I hopped in the creek and floated to the other side. "Mine is Rabia Begum, 50; my firstborn Hamid Hassan, 35; his two to three year old Nyema; and his six to seven month old Rashid; my secondborn Nour Kamel, 12; my thirdborn Fayzul Kamel, 10; my fourthborn Ismail, seven;

Azhir Hassan, 35; my second daugther, Sanzida, 14; my third daugther, Estafa, six; my forth daugher, Shahina Begum, five; my 6th daugher, Nour Shomi, two to three; my 7th daugher, Hasina, six mo. Bangladesh's Tula Toli fugitives have set up their camps on mounds that were empty just a few nights earlier.

Hundreds of thousand Rohingya have cut down the tree, smoothed the fawn sludge and pitched marquee with cut open frame of red canvas. Tula Toli is showered outside when it is raining heavily. A thousand have come to these mountains, but the area is almost completely without possessions.

A lot of people escaped from fear and only a few made it with something from Myanmar. Idriss was living on the west side of Tula Toli, which adjoins a tree-lined area, and he was able to gather some things before he left. As we arrived at the Naf River[the Bangladesh border], Myanmar's military began filming.

Says he was carrying the purse for three whole nights during the 10-mile tour through the Tula Toli forest and Hill. There was another Rohingya fugitive near the frontier on the way.

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