Myanmar Safe for Travel

Burma Safe for Travel

Pagodas and temples are the most important symbols and destinations for tourists in Myanmar. Burma is a safe country, but you need to take these health tips seriously, plan ahead and bring medical equipment. It is safe to travel through Myanmar overland. Security tips and tips for backpackers exploring and travelling Myanmar. Find out more about health and safety when travelling to Myanmar.

Are you sure it's secure to go to Myanmar for a China woman-in-law?

Do not visit war zones such as Kachin State and the Kokang area. The Myanmar administration is still in the middle of a cease-fire deal with militarized people. More recently, the regime has expanded combat legislation in the Kokang area, in the north of Shan State. Apart from the above mentioned areas, it is certain to move and mix in the other towns.

As a general principle, whether it' s a city or a country area, you should not travel to abandoned places at nights, especially if there is no power or lamppost. Since 2018 there has been an upward trend in the rape of Yangon woman by cabbies. At Yangon, use Grab or Uber.

I' m recommending Uber because Uber is better embedded in your business. Tomb in Theory uses debit-card payment options, but in practical terms, tomb driver abruptly forgot to talk English, ask for money in hard currency, and then you'll see later that tomb charges your debit-die. However, grave and over are still very favorable in Yangon.

Anywhere else, apart from the rebel areas, which are already difficult to reach. Burma is one of the most secure places I have ever seen, and especially as a stranger (to be fair) it is really, really difficult to get into difficulties unless you ask for it. Keep away from white/Caucasian men, they are by far the most perilous performers for women in general.

MYANMAR' s men are as sleezy as men can be, regardless of race/ethnicity/nationality (my own included), but they are on the courteous side of the spectrum, in favor of Asiatic standards that means ultra-gentelmanly for occidental ones. It' probably secure, but it is so impoverished that many local people consider the single traveller as an ATM.

Myanmar also has a major drugs issue and it is believed that half of all US marijuana is from Burma. Narcotics officers have been deployed in the United States to help. About 43% of the land is forest and that's a great deal. Goverment employees like the postal service and school authorities are signing a promise not to talk about policy or lose their jobs.

This is a videotape that tells you more about the land. Burma is a very secure land and the population is generally very kind and welcoming. But, as Ye Naing Soe said, some states have disagreements with the Myanmar administration (and it might be interesting for you that most of these states are along the Chinese border).

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