Myanmar Safe for Travel

Burma Safe for Travel

The pagodas and temples are the most important symbols and destinations for tourists in Myanmar. The splendour astonishes even experienced travellers. Thought about going to Asia for a long time, but something scares you? Jumping to Is Myanmar safe? - Security to Myanmar is guaranteed.

Now is Myanmar safe to move?

When you are traveling through Southeast Asia and are considering whether or not to come to Myanmar, you may be asking yourself these kinds of issues - and justifiably so when you look at the state of the economy. Exactly what happens in Myanmar? To put it briefly: a group of the Rohingyas is a goal of armed action that has caused them to suffer much bodily inconvenience.

This is of course a worrying state of affairs, especially for travelers in South-East Asia who are worried about their own security. The United Nations recently adopted a UN Commission to end the harassment of the Rohingyas by the armed services of the state. What are the Rohingyas? Burma is a predominantly buddhistic land, while the Rohingyas are mostly Muslims.

Rohingyas are mainly located in the west state of Rakhine and have been living here for hundreds of years. It is one of the impoverished and most heavily inhabited areas of the state. Myanmar's administration does not regard the Rohingyas as civilians, but as irregular emigrants from the Indian sub-continent - their area of ancestry.

As a result, over 1.33 million Rohingyas are largely stateless. This means that they have no direct contact with educational, health and travel institutions. In the last three years, more than 120,000 Rohingyas have tried to sail out of Myanmar in hopes of a better tomorrow in neighboring Islamic majorities such as Malaysia and Indonesia.

But municipal and state-funded armed force, especially in 2012, has led to the deaths of at least 192 Rohingyas and eradicated more than 146,000 Rohingyas from their houses. Are you sure it's secure to be traveling inside Myanmar? Indeed, a boycott of the land can damage national economies and municipalities, especially those that depend on their livelihood.

When it comes to travelling, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the floor. Nevertheless, tourism professionals believe that these areas are secure and hospitable for tourism, as the local people support their tourism industries. Proceed with your itineraries, but keep a continuous evaluation of the current state.

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