Myanmar Safe for Tourists

Burma Safe for tourists

Someone can speak about the security of the trip to Myanmar - Myanmar Forum hello im an asiatic women who wants to go to milanmar next months! I' ve read that there are high levels of venture especially along the edge of Burma and Thailand... are there a lot of civilian and policy riots.

i've been alerted not to go there, but i still see peoples posts questioning about their upcoming game room plans... can anyone tell me if its saf?

I' m flying to Bangkok first and want to see Thailand first.... after that I want to discover at least these places: All the places you want to discover are touristic areas and it is secure to go. This is actually a safer place to be. So, don't be afraid, welcome from Myanmar!

Burma is very secure. Canadians do not know where they get this information about Thai frontier issues, it is not on other government sites and I have not been told of any of them. Burma is one of the most secure Asian tourist destinations, better than Thailand. I have been looking at the Thai issues in Myanmar and there were some in the years 2010-12 near Mae Sot.

Mae Sot is the most important frontier in Myanmar, so I think we would listen if there was a situation in this area. In my opinion the information in Canada is obsolete and outdated. I' m happy to know it's safer to leave.

sure scopes and hopes to be reading about it when you go back! yes i will definitely keep you posted when i bring back, thats when i go haha. im going to thailand for sure and want to cruise edge to Myanmar. The risk of travelling in Burma is the same.

Your greatest concerns as a traveler will be scammers and pickpockets. In any case, the areas of civilian upheaval in the countryside are absolutely forbidden for them. Burma probably has the least number of fraud in SEAsia, but it is on the increase.

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