Myanmar Safe for Tourists

Burma Safe for tourists

Are Myanmar a safe or dangerous country? The kitesurfing equipment offers quality, fun and safety. The people of Myanmar welcome the growth of tourism as it brings much needed foreign capital and investment to the country. Burma is a multicultural country with a complicated history. Unaccompanied women are very safe in Myanmar.

Are Myanmar travels safely?

Myanmar has recently made a very bad appearance in the headlines because of the recurring violent conflict between Buddhists and Rohingya, an Muslim ethnical group. What caused this kind of outrage? Myanmar became a Burmese democratic union in 1948. As a result, there has been more liberty, such as the opening of frontiers to tourism.

On the other side, however, it also resulted in years of repressed tension between the various Myanmar denominations. The year 2012 saw an outbreak of violent conflict in the west of Myanmar between Bangladeshi Islamist Rohingya and Buddhist communities. Now, the situation is even more serious than ever. Are we still in Myanmar?

If you are planning a holiday in any of the countries, it is best to make sure that your goal is secure. Usually I use this connection. This website says that traveling in Myanmar is generally secure if you comply with the limitations of the Burmese state. You have defined in which areas you may and may not use.

Those areas you cannot come across are areas of inter-governmental and inter-regional minority power. Using this hyperlink and the chart you can see which areas in Myanmar are limited. So, if you adhere to these rules, it is certain to visit Myanmar. Generally, Myanmar's criminality against tourism is very low.

Myamar's tourism is still quite new. Natives of touristic areas like Bagan and Inle Lake are already approaching you to make a sale. Other areas are fascinating for the local people. And what is also important if you want to visit Myanmar? You can do this at the Myanmar Embassy in your own state.

Identify what vaccines and/or medicines you need to get to Myanmar. One never knows what can happend, so take out cover! If you are leaving Myanmar, do not ignore replacing Kyats, because Kyats cannot be replaced outside Myanmar. Hopefully the issue of travelling safely in Myanmar has been addressed.

For Myanmar, my vision is that the conflict will stop and that the whole land will be open to tourists so that those who live here can explore this wonderful, lovely land with its kind, cordial and kind inhabitants. Please do not hesistate to send me a message or make a remark if you have any question.

Are Myanmar travels safely?

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