Myanmar Safe for Tourists

Burma Safe for tourists

So, it's safe for tourists? What makes it safe and ethical to visit Myanmar? Are tourists visiting Rakhine - and should I cancel my trip to Myanmar? Myanmar everyday life. Burma has some of the most beautiful temples and palaces in Asia.

What is Myanmar safe for LGBT travellers?

Burma is a country of temple and old tradition, quickly adapted to the modern age, adapted to a complex new policy and opened to the tourist industry. So what are the thoughts for travellers to travel with us? Burma has become a hotspot target, especially among people travelling to Myanmar on holiday with the impressive photographs of their envious boyfriends they have already been to.

Although it is against the law to be homosexual there, we have found that it is much more accepted than other Asian country banning homosexuals, such as Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives and India. The majority of tourists remain on the fairly well-worn touristic path that encompasses Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and the former capitol Yangon.

All these places are so used to tourists that travellers to LAGBT should have no problem here. Whereas there are no facilities exclusively for Yangon GGBT, most of the Yangon population. SticksyRice provides a fairly up-to-date list of top locations for events in Yangon. Gays are seldom outdoors, the land is pious Buddhism, and most Myanmar men have a tendency to consider gays as men who want to be wives or dressed as them.

A number of natives believe that those who committed sex crimes in a past lifetime are homosexual in this one. Myanmar's pro-democracy campaigner and now its president, Aung San Suu Kyi, has voiced her opposition to Myanmar's anti-gay legislation. Natives in the countryside are not used to seeing local population.

Robert Sharp, proprietor of the GoYour Out Adventures says: "Groups have had some very interesting talks in the countryside where the local people are inquisitive and simply want to know more. "A remnant from Britain's time of colonialism, gays are illegally detained in Myanmar with a sentence of 10 years.

It is seldom applied, but it can be used as an alibi to molest local people. Other legislation can also have a negative effect on the group of LGBTs, from bestiality legislation to limitations on participation in a wedding that is not regarded as "legal", i.e. same-sex. Although the overall cultural atmosphere is inviting, it is rather tolerant, not so enthusiastic, of homosexual travellers.

There are many exemptions, but it is generally still embarrassing for a host families to have a baby who can identify himself as an IGBT. It' s still a traditional civilization, especially after having been under severe army control for years, where the press could not freely cover the topics of Buddhism and legalism of Buddhism.

If you choose safe and inviting accommodation, stay at fashion boutiques or global chain stores like Shangri-La. They are not used to traveling with them. Do not make declarations of love that are off -limits to everyone in cultural terms (not only to gays). It is important for lesbians that the Burmese treat the female population with respect.

The best way to find out about localities, night life and special occasions is through the use of our online chatroom. Be careful of sexually transmitted diseases that can cause problems for travellers. Burma is a logistical challange, especially when going over land (as compared to an all-inclusive boat cruise). The first Venture Out venture will start in Myanmar in early 2018.

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