Myanmar's Population 2016

People of Myanmar 2016

Myanmar census 2014 shows that the total population of Myanmar was 51. The Myanmar population chart, historical and current data. There are currently 52 people living in Myanmar. Burma has put over 100,000 Rohingya in refugee camps, allegedly to maintain peace through isolation. Burma's population of about 56 million is less than one fifth of the population of the United States.

2016 World Generosity Index: Burma win again

By 2014, the two nations had the highest awards. His research shows that 91% of Myanmar's population spent charitable donations last year, 62% said they were helping a foreigner, and 55% said they registered voluntarily. Myanmar's population of about 56 million is less than one fifth of the population of the United States.

"Catastrophes and adversities are causing more and more men to give," he added. Burma was severely flooded in 2015. CAF' s staff noted Myanmar' s continued strong results in its poll and said they could be associated with the population' s culture and religion. Many Myanmar practitioners practice Buddhism following the Theravada path, where small, common donations are the standard.

"These results clearly show how a'poor' nation, through its generous nature, can be a'rich' nation by concentrating on giving instead of receiving," said Prof. Dr. Aung Tun Thet, economics advisor to the Myanmar presidential council, in the discussion of the message. During a year in which more than ever before more help others, the US was only one of five G20 nations, a global platform of the world's biggest economy, to make it into the top 20.

Despite the continuing civilian conflict, Iraq was at the top of the list, while the whole of Africa recorded the greatest growth in generous support since last year. "This year' s interesting finding is that the fastest growing donor nations are emerging countries," Ward added.

However, CAF also noted that the global spread of generous donations is increasing. Over half of respondents in the 140 nations said they had been helping a foreigner, and the number of individuals who donate funds around the globe has also soared. "we have a chance to develop an ever more powerful giving civilization around the world."

The highest improving overall and rankings for Turkmenistan and Kosovo were mentioned.

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