Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago

Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar

Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar, is an unexplored wonder. Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago is a leap into the past to a peaceful isle life. There' s an inside secrecy that Phuket people of many years' standing whisper about the best untouched isles, diving sites and lonely Andaman Sea sands. Located across an overseas frontier, they are simpler (and cheaper) to explor. Did you ever imagine what it must have been like 30 years ago in Phuket, before the advent of Blast resorts, high-rise apartments, air-conditioned shops, playing fields, nightclubs and inns?

A few divers know. Attracted by the blue water and turquoise sea creatures, they headed from Phuket to the Mergui Archipelago, where new sites became a myth among divers. About 20 years ago, the archipelago was opened for entry from Thai and foreign water.

The majority of the 800 or so island stretched along 400 km are located in Myanmar's militarily vulnerable marginal oceans, where uncontrolled exploitation of fisheries and forests, together with a smuggle industry, concealed a tougher situation in the hotter, bluer water. In the last two decade-long periods liveaboards have brought fearless explorers from Phuket to the archipelago, a few days to the far northern hemisphere.

As a result of the cost of such one-week trips, only a few thousand immigrants made it to these Myanmar offshore destinations last year. By 2018, the sought-after area will open up to the tourist industry, opening up new resort and environmentally sound shelters.

Certain actions such as new limitations on overseas ships and the prohibitive high charges designed to restrict Thai ships' entry, however, are designed to promote the young Thai tourist industries and it is likely that we will see more trips from the burma harbour of Kawthaung. Kawthaung, a busy commercial city with the ambience of a past epoch, is a brief long-tail cruise away from the Thai frontier city of Ranong.

The dissipation of islets, one or more hours off the Myanmar coastline, makes the city a maritime junction and islandfront. A half-double of the resort is scheduled to open in 2018, some of which will be funded by major actors in Myanmar's emerging tourist sector. It' s unlikely that the increasing number of native middle-class tourist will favour the archipelago over the vibrancy of the Thai strip.

We will have to wait and see whether the advantages of a more private holiday in the archipelago will outweigh the costs and effort involved in getting to the archipelago. Mergui Archipelago is the definitive tourist attraction, says Björn Burchard of Moby Dick Tours ( Believing that the best time to visit the island, between October and May, is for leisurely, gentle and adventurous adventures such as scuba-dive, snorkel, kayak, walking and combs.

Bjorn, a Norway native and vet of the Thai tourist and restaurant sector, used to operate liveaboards from Phuket, but now he says that the shortage of evolution on the Mergui Island means that a trip really is like turning back the clock by 30 years. Little Lyons (keithlyons. net) is a Thailand-based author and tourist leader who is writing about Myanmar.

It has also been a contributor to "The Best of Myanmar":

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