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The Myanm ar's Intended Nationally. Intended Myanmars Intended Nationally Determined Contribution-INDC. It was Napoleon who once said that a state must try to define the diplomacy determined by its own geography in international affairs. Burma Economic reforms, trade, finance, banking, exchange rates, business, economic strategy. Burmese clothing worker in a factory in Yangon.

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He is a guest researcher at the East Asian Institute, National University of Singapore from November 2013 to May 2014. He was a Postdoktorand an der School of lnternational Affairs and Public Affairs, Fudan University, Chine. He specializes in geostrategic relationships, foreign policy and foreign policy. His research interests are in East Asia, especially Southeast Asia and China.

Shoot and knifed

The three explosions in the early hours of the day shook the capitol of Myanmar's restless north-western Rakhine state, at the centre of a lengthy dispute between the Tibetan Buddha and Rohingya Muslims. Bombings are said to be directed at civil servants in Sittwe, the Myanmar capitol of the state of Rakhine. More than 600,000 Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar to Bangladesh since August.

"They burned down the town on the morning the army came and killed my mom trying to flee. I', says 10-year-old Mohammed Belal, who escaped his town. They and their brothers now reside in a home for unattended kids in Bangladesh.

There she can gamble and get a meal, a sharp contradiction to her trip from Myanmar, where she and her little boyfriend almost died of starvation. Dilu-Aara, 5, came to the concentration camps with her sis Rojina after seeing her folks killed by the war. "Saving the Children, an intergovernmental relief organization, is assisting children who come to Kutupalong without a parent.

Up to 60 per cent of all Rohingya returnees in Bangladesh are under age. "Sokina Khatun did everything to defend her kids when the shootings began - but she could not rescue Yasmine, 15, and Jamalita, 20, who were in a neighbouring town.

She played with murmurs in her town and ran in the surrounding countryside, but now she has other memories: Burma's armed force has attacked, its dearly loved dad and brother beaten and murdered and raped by a group of Myanmar troops who have also mugged them. Rohingya insurgents' violence in the state of Rakhine last year led to a mass reaction that led more than 600,000 Rohingya Muslims to fleeing to Bangladesh.

The Myanmar authority is now accused of having committed serious violations of international humanitarian law during the war. The Myanmar police have described these as "evacuation operations". "The United Nations considered the reaction of the army disproportionately "ethnic cleansing". Though no group has yet taken the blame for Saturday's bombing, the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army has sworn to pursue its "resistance" against the Myanmar state.

Rohingya are an ethnical minoritarian group in Myanmar from the subcontinent of India. They have been living mainly in Rakhine for several hundred years - also known as Arakan. Considered by the United Nations and the United States as one of the most oppressed nationalities in the hemisphere, every year tens of thousand Rohingya from Myanmar and Bangladesh escape from their lands, desperately trying to invade the Muslim majorities of Malaysia and Indonesia.

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