Myanmar Rules

Burma Rules

Top-class pleas and members of the Myanmar Society Development Organization (MSDO). Canvassing > Regulations > Laws & Rules. RULES AND REGULATIONS OF MYANMAR EXPORT / IMPORT. A detailed description of company taxation regulations in Myanmar. Myanmar's most popular table is short and round and you have to sit on the floor or mat to enjoy your meals.

Before you come to Myanmar, you should know the following points

When you visit Myanmar, maybe even move here, there are a few things you should be on your radar. Here are some of them. The US dollar will be relied upon through the turbulent Myanmar as long as the grades are crunchy and sober. Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and even Mandalay can be full of motorcycle training centers, not Yangon.

Motorcycles are legal in most areas of Yangon, drivers can be seen on the edge of the cities in areas like Mingalar and Hlaing Thar Yar. There are rumours why motorcycles are forbidden in Yangon. One way or another, the bill has worked, motorcycles are threatened with disappearance in the center of the citycenter.

The Yangon P.D. seems to be driving them without problems, but the drivers are usually foreign nationals who are always differently handled, for better or for bad. In Yangon, where expatriates make up a significant part of the renting sector, this legislation is hardly implemented. Out of town, non-nationals should book a stay in a hotel or hostel.

Countryside without hotels is excluded from the Act, so visitors can spend the night with indigenous homes, even some cloisters. When a foreign national lives in a home, it is not the traveller who will be in difficulty, but the Myanmar resident who provided the accommodation. Doesn't make any difference how wealthy you are, aliens can't have ownership under your name.

While these constraints are of little importance to the population of Myanmar, they are crucial to those interested in setting up a company. Any company operating abroad leases its premises from a Myanmar citizen-holder. It is not only that, but also foreign nationals may not conclude a leasing contract for more than one year, which can be a problem if the property value only increases.

Therefore, the relation between the lessor and the foreign shopkeeper is of utmost importance. When you plan to rent an apartment in Myanmar, you must be willing to spend a great deal of money on the first few days. As a rule, lessors permit either a 6-month leasing contract or a 1-year leasing contract, whereby the total amount must be settled in a fixed amount before the move-in date.

When your monthly rental is $400 US dollars, you will have to coughed up $4,800 on a 1-year contract to protect the apartment. Tenants usually ask for a single room or a new refrigerator before signing a rental agreement. It may be necessary to employ a craftsman for small repair work around the apartment at your own expense.

They call it a curfew, but more precisely, a ban on drinking. In the past, in Yangon at least, the ban did not apply to clubs and restaurants. When your trip to Myanmar is coincident with an early last call, don't worry, your hotelbar should still be open. There are no exceptions for foreign nationals.

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