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Romantic Myanmar Movies

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Movies that are appreciated in Mon State

Myanmar's architectonic treasure includes an elaborate television theater in Mudon, which was constructed almost 100 years ago and is probably the only one of its kind on the Southeast Asian continent. MYANMAR' S REPLUTATION myanmar' s replutation as southeast asia's jewelry case of historical arquitecture is well known. Myanmar probably has the best conserved collections of historical monuments in Southeast Asia, from ancient works of art from tropical times and the rarest specimens of Tropical Art Deco to folk art from every time.

Because of the relaxed classification of zones and the poor implementation of Myanmar's legacy legislation, many of its historical monuments are in a state of hovering existentially where markets decide their destiny. While conservation groups such as the Yangon Heritage Trust and the New York-based World Monuments Fund have contributed to drawing much-needed publicity to historical central Yangon properties - and have won some important landmark conservation triumphs - conservation in other parts of the nation has been largely confined to pre-modern locations.

A further obstacle to conservation is the fact that the full scale of Myanmar's architectonic splendor is little known. The Aung Nan Mingala Cinema Hall, a 97-year-old teeny treasure that merits a higher image, is hidden in an old business district of Mudon in Mon State, about 25 kilometers southwards of Mawlamyine.

In Myanmar, aging cinemas, both at rest and in operation, are quite common and testify to the comparative wealth of the land in earlier days and its once flourishing movie theatres. However, the Aung Nan Mingala Movie theater is characterized by some fundamental factors. One sunny days before the wet seasons, U Ni delivered a long story of his heritage, along with a guide.

This was the beginning of the Roaring Twentys when the Aung Nan Mingala was opened. At Mudon, then as now, paddy and caoutchouc were the mainstay of the country's economic development. He flourished by trading in oil and oil, and enabled an entrepreneur of India's descent to construct the city's first theater.

In the 1930' s the present owner's grandpa relocated to Mudon and purchased some plots of land along today's Bogyoke Street. One of them was the Aung Nan Mingala Theatre. "When he drank milk teas in a teashop outside the movie theater (tea stores and movie theaters have a long, complimentary story in Myanmar), U Ni said, "I was the third in my extended line of cinematography.

A seventy-year-old who ran a transportation firm with his older sister, he worked in the movies from an early age and came to know the peculiarities of the shop and all the big-name film. "Mudon was a favourite of Audie Murphy," U Ni recalls, "and one of his favorites is the autobiographic part of the 1955 To Hell and Back vet.

It was a great success," he said, referencing the first James Bond film published in 1962. In contrast to most cinemas in Burma, the Aung Nan Mingala was never nationalized and placed under the Ministry of Information after the 1962 Ne Win takeover. "`My dad had a good relationship with an officer of the state of Mon," said U Ni, declaring his family's unbroken possession of the theater.

In spite of a constant drop in sales, it was a technological problem that led to the closing of the Aung Nan Mingala in 1988. "Viewers were old and started editing the films," U Ni said, and added that the movie theater was not able to get spare parts for its overseas filmers.

The majority of the remaining theaters in Myanmar were constructed during the democratic period between 1948 and 1962. Though there are several theaters in the whole nation before World War II - the best known of which is Yangon's famous Waziya Cinema on Bogyoke Aung San Road - the Aung Nan Mingala Cinema, with its year of manufacture 1920, is the oldest preserved film theater in Myanmar.

The Aung Nan Mingala could be confused at a single glimpse with the domicile of a clerical or prosperous commercial group. The beautiful two-storey porch with gabled veranda, which extends from the central corridor, gives the appearance of a luxury house from the turn of the 20th and 20th centuries. Once you're in, you can't confuse it with anything but a movie theater.

Aung Nan Mingala is characterized by its solid wooden structure. One of the only special features that is not made of timber is the brickwork and plaster projector room - a security precaution to make sure that the easily inflammable cellularuloid foil used in the early stages of the media would not cause the movie theater to catch fire should it catch fire.

But if Myanmar's present development in monument conservation is an indicator, rescuing the Aung Nan Mingala will be a tough struggle, but it will be a reward.

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