Myanmar Rohingya Photos

Burma Rohingya Photos

In Bangladesh, AP photographer Dar Yasin encounters Muslim refugees fleeing brutal repression in Myanmar. Muslims from Rohingya flee the violence in Myanmar and find refuge across the border in Bangladesh. While the violence in Myanmar escalated further, numerous Rohingya refugees arrived in Bangladesh. Air photograph of a burnt Rohingya village in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar. You can download the complete report and the corresponding pictures and video material here.

View photos of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

I' ve seen I' ve seen internally expelled prisoners in Afghanistan. Wherever you look, there is despair for nourishment, for drink, for refuge, for a face from Myanmar that is well known. It' a custom of mine to speak to someone I photograph. The guy who is helping me with the translation is from Cox's Bazar and he says that the Rohingya langauge and his native tongue are similar.

One of the boats had keeled over. She cried when one member of her household had flooded; three others were in a fragile state and I was not sure if they would make it. She was comforted by another lady. Then, all of a sudden, the lady who comforted the weeping lady began to whine at herself. It was holding a baby who was living and one who wasn't breathin'.

They were in a ship that had keeled over a few yards from shoreline. Discovering that even a 40-day-old kid had passed away when his older son was still living was disastrous. In a few short hrs everyone started looking for nutrition, drinking and accommodation. I saw Abdul Kareem and Alima Khatoon when I was leaving near the river bank two inches later.

It was about how he had escaped from his town with others and made the boating trip in the middle of the dark in the middle of the evening, and how this flight was their last chance to stay on. As he approached the camp, he followed the long line of the others who found their way there.

Because of the sheer number of displaced persons, it is hard to track a particular individual or group. You' ll find desperate followers to see what happens to them next, but even on the way back to the camp you can''t keep an eye on them.

They' become a blob in the sea of faces heading for more insecurity. Accommodation, nutrition and health care are finite. Things that I take for granted--nutrition and housing and security-were torn away and substituted by anxiety. He is an Associated Press Fotographer with headquarters in Cashmere.

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