Myanmar Road Trip

Burma Road Trip

Excursion to Kyaikhtiyo & Bagan. County of Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). If you can travel from India to Thailand on the newly built Delhi-Myanmar-Thailand Highway, who wants a ride? An excursion to Myanmar is your chance to meet your friends and make an unforgettable trip. That can make long journeys challenging.

Burma Tour - The ultimate Burmese trip - 28 day / 27 night

It is different from any other route: from Yangon to Mandalay and to any place in between. Though it would be inconceivable to see all the miracles of Myanmar in a single months time, this voyage is near! Travelling by rail and automobile through huge Myanmar, with the best and many small, interesting cities in between.

From Yangon's settlement to Pyay's antique temple, Mandalay's former imperial towns to the contemporary Nay Pyi Taw. After arriving at Yangon International Airport, you will be meeting with the tour guides and drivers to proceed to the airport pick-up point. Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, is a relatively tranquil and enchanting town with an imposing cultural and intellectual heritages.

It is a good base for a vacation in Myanmar. Refresh and head for the town' s highpoints. First you will see the Kyaukhtatgyi Pagoda, which houses a 70 meter long lying Buddha. Drive around town and stop regularly to take pictures or just enjoy a relaxing beverage in a nearby cafe.

This is the point of departure for Shwedagon Pagoda, the most venerated buddhistic sanctuary in Myanmar. The trip begins at 08:00 this mornings. In the mornings travel from Yangon to Bago, the sixteenth centuary city. Your Bago trip begins at Shwethalyaung Tempel, which is home to a wonderful 55 meter long lying Buddha.

Next is the Mon-style Shwemawdaw Pagoda, one of the most revered in Myanmar, with its 114-metre-high tower higher than the Shwedagon Pagoda. Take your free day in Bago to see the sights of the area, which includes the municipal square and a typical Mon district for a brief walk through the area.

One of Myanmar's most important places of worship is a giant block of stone coated in a layer of green and golden leaves, finely poised on the rocks. It is possible to return to the Golden Rocks in the mornings to see the dawning sundown. Beginning in the early blues before sunrise, the indigenous walkers meet at the rocks to make sacrifices in the loneliness of the mornings, offering a truly unforgettable moment of time and photograph.

After lunch we head to Hpa An, a small village encircled by wonderful calcareous rocks and the capitol of the Karen state. On the way visiting the Bayint Nyi Cave and the Kaw Gun Cave. Arrival at Hpa An and check-in at the lodge.

Afterwards you take a pleasant stroll along the street along the Thanlyin River for a nice scenery of photos of mountains as well as canoes. The visit begins today at 08:00 o'clock. Sadaan begins as a characteristic Myanmar den, full of Buddha pictures and even a lying Buddha. You can rent one of the guides for a trip around the pond (sitting on the bottom of the ship, as there are no seats) and through another cavern, which can only be reached by the ship.

Back to the vehicle and off we go to Zwe Kapin, one of many strange lime stone caves. As you walk at the bottom of the hill towards Lumbini Gardens, you will see more than a thousand Buddha-characters. After your check-in you will be transferred to the lodge. The tour begins at 08:30 this mornings.

Begin with the colourful Central Market, a busy environment where various products are on sale. Stroll along the city's Strand Road to see the imposing Kaladan Mosque, constructed during the British occupation of the city. After lunch we take a trip by personal ferry to Khaung Sae Kyun (Shampoo Island).

Drive back to the village of Mawalamyaing and end the excursion at the viewpoint. Tonight the route starts at 08:30 o'clock. Departure from Manlamyaing to Yangon after having lunch. Observe buffalo bathing in the shallows, see a variety of birdlife and meet native fishermen. If you want to see more birdlife, you can take another cruise the next mornings when the chance of seeing less common birdlife is highest.

The trip will continue at 08:00 this mornings. We will return to Yangon after having our breakfasts and arrive there around noon. After a few hour break, you will be transferred to the city centre, where East and West meet with a mixture of pavilions, memorials and collonials. Stroll around the Sule Pagoda, the Town Hall, the Victory Monument and some of the near standing Kolonial Building to get a good view of some of the area' s attractions.

At sundown you start a Trinhaw dinner trip through Yangon. Trip tastes Burmese, Shan and India cuisine before ending on the vibrant 19 th Streets for an open-air barbecue. Throughout the trip, you will be taken by locals, a great way to see a town between past and present.

In the mornings, have some free to do. At noon you can select from any number of regional cuisine. In the afternoon you will be transferred to Yangon station for an excursion to Pyay. After arriving in Pyay, you will be transferred to the lodge. Eat your meal at the lodge or visit some of the locals' on foot dining.

The tour starts today at 08:30 am with a pleasant morning meal at the Pyay Jetty and its colorful fair. It was a circle with ramparts surrounding it, covering 46 km2, making it the biggest fortified town in Asia at the age. To introduce the town, you' ll be visiting the Shwe Sandaw Puagoda, a Puagoda of great spiritual importance to the Myanmar tribe, as it contains twelve Buddha relicts and is the only shrine in the land with two parasols at the top of its stupa. Shwe Sandaw is the only one in the world with a Buddha in it.

In the afternoon, take a detour to the center of the town (? miles) to see the old town of Srikhetra. Known as Thayeikhittaya, the town was once known as one of the biggest and most complex towns in Myanmar. Today the remains of the ramparts and brickwork temple are covered in spiny brush.

Finish the outing with a walk along Strand Rd, Pyay's major highway, and rummage the bar. Also in the center of the town there are many eateries. Following our breakfasts at the hotels, the trip begins this mornings at 08:30 dDrive north to Magway (200 km/ 4 hour drive). Savour the landscape while the highway leads through a wonderful countryside with many small cities.

On the way you stop in Beikthano, another over 2000 year old town. You will find ramparts that extend more than 3 kilometers in each one. You will then proceed to Magway Division and stop at the airport to make your check-in at the hospital. Famous for its peanut and syseed seedseeds, Magway has earned the epithet "Myanmar Peanut Pot".

Refresh and eat your meal at a typical village inn. The tour starts today at 08:00 o'clock. We will drive to Nagar Pwet Taung, an extraordinary sludge swimming area. You will then be taken to a near-attempt, the ideal place to view the panorama of the powerful Irrawaddy River and chill out with the wind.

Situated on the banks of the riverbank, the former farmhouse was converted into a restuarant and muse. Begin with a walk through the history of the city. Afterwards we will take you to Magyeekan, a typical Burmesian town about 10 min fromalay. Lodging of the night is one of four inns in this enchanting town.

Accommodation in Magyeekan Villa. You will have a walk through the town after a good early start. In the mornings the ambience in the hamlet is completely different, as the inhabitants use the cold breezes to do their jobs. It is a great moment to get a feeling for the genuine way of living in the region.

The trip will continue at 09:00 this mornings. After sundown, free time to go back to the city. The visit starts at 08:00 this mornings. Today's trip offers a good survey of Bagan's past, present and future life. Before all coaches arrives, you' ll be able to admire this astonishing sanctuary in the silence of the mornings.

Afterwards you will be taken to Myinkaba village and the Gubyaukgyi temple, known for its lovely murals on the interior and its well conserved gypsum sculptures on the outside. Then you can find out more about the area' s cultural heritage by visiting two of Bagan's most renowned products: lacquerware and woodworking.

Stop for a snack at a nearby eatery. Return to the motel for a brief stop while you escape the hot mid-day daylight. Arrival in Bagan and departure to the airport. The trip begins at 08:30 this mornings. In the afternoon you will take your car to Mount Popa.

About 45-60 min. drive to Popa Laan Ville, a small town near the Mt. Stroll through this picturesque hamlet and see the people. Find out more about Nats and Nat adoration as you climb the steps with the ancestor.

Lunch is taken either in a nearby restaurants near Mount Popa or later in Meiktila, according to the times. You will arrive in Meiktila in the evening and arrive at the guesthouse. You will depart from Meiktila for the Myanmar capitol, Nay Pyi Taw, after having arrived for your meal. Myanmar is now the home of government and one of the most rapidly expanding towns in the word.

On your way home, you' ll be visiting the National Landmarks Garden. The Uppatasanti Puagoda, a reproduction of the splendid Shwedagon Puagoda, will be visited in the evenings. This 99-metre long gold pavilion is recognisable from all the main streets into town. The tour starts at 08:00 this mornings. The Pyi Thu Hlut Taw consists of 31 houses and combines contemporary and antique architecture from Burma.

Now that you've looked around, abandon Nay Pyi Taw and go to Shan State and the former British Hill Station of Kalaw. Mornings, this mornings the trip begins at 08:00 o'clock. From Kalaw to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Magwe Village (45 min drive).

Have a welcome beverage while you learn about the activity of the days and the backgrounds of the elephant camps and the elephant story in Myanmar. Afterwards you will take a brief stroll to the stream, cross a reafforestation plan of the camps and the village inhabitants and be welcomed by the cattle.

Back to the afforestation area to grow a forest before going to the camps for noon. In the afternoons you have plenty of free walking or interacting with the elephant. The tour begins today at 08:00 o'clock. At the end of your morning, you' ll have the opportunity to join the tour leader for an adventurous tour around Lake Inle.

Begin with a tour of the Morgenmarkt, which turns the sites on a 5-day base (Note: There are no fairs on full moons or obscure lunar days). Walk through the stands as the guides explain the products and goods sold in the area. Drive to the hamlet of Inpawkhone to watch the Inthar' s ancient silkwork.

You will then go to a Cheeroot plant where they roll Chinese Myanmar handmade dough. Sailing down a small channel to Pa-oh inden. Walk through the town and walk through Alaung Sitthou, which is full of scenic stupas and stunning lakeside outlooks.

Have a cozy breakfasts in the hotels before leaving for Pindaya. The trip starts at 08:00 this mornings. On the way to Pindaya stop in Aung Ban and go to the wholesale market. Next turn off the highway and drive towards Pindaya. Dependent on your flight to Pindaya, you will go to a nearby restauarant for dinner or directly to the hotels for check-in (early check-in according to room availability).

Later in the day you will explore the city' s renowned Pindaya Caves. On your return to the guesthouse, you will be taken to a nearby garage where the artisans make parasols and papers from the area. The trip will continue today at 08:00 after breakfasts. You will leave Shan State after having your breakfasts in the mornings. You will drive to Mandalay, the former Myanmar city.

Visiting the centre of the village, drive to the amazing site of ancient eleventh cent ury-old remains and woodcarvings, Mount Shwogu. Only a few visitors dare to come to this place, although it is off the beaten track. When you have checked into your accommodation, you are on your way back to a brief sightseeing itinerary.

Then we continue to Mandalay Hill, which is 240 meters above the town. This majestic viewpoint offers a wide view of the scenery, the Irrawaddy River and the downtown area and one of the most spectacular sundowns in the area. The trip begins at 08:00 this mornings.

Departure from Mandalay in the mornings on a two-hour trip to the former British Hill Station of Pyin Oo Lwin. Enjoy the remainder of the afternoons on your own or just relax at the motel. Tonight the trip starts at 08:00 o'clock. Departure in the early mornings, transfer to Pyin Oo Lwin station and get on the commuter to Hsipaw.

On the way a packed luncheon is cooked and serves. We leave the railway terminal to the former residence of the last heavenly lord of Hsipaw. You can also see some other attractions of the city from the castle, such as "Little Bagan" and a very colorful nature-crèche. Then you will drive to a hill top with a view of the city and the Dokhtawaddy River.

The tour starts at 08:00 after refreshing at the motel and having a good breakfest. Get off here and take a stroll through the orchard, the town and then to a 150-year-old convent (40 minute walk). On the next part of the cruise we reach the junction of the Dokehtawaddy River, which is an ideal stopover for a well-deserved swim and for taking pictures.

The tour goes on to a mountain hamlet, where we will have our dinner. Go for a hike through the town to get together with the local people and find out more about their cultures, customs and way of life. Afterwards with the boot back to Hsipaw and back to the motel. The tour starts this mornings at 08:00 a.m. After having our breakfasts at the hotels, departure for the way back to Mandalay.

It will take about 6-7 hrs and is in good conditions along an asphalt track. On the way to dinner a stopover is made. optival activity: Awake in the mornings (:00 a.m.) and take a cab to Mahamuni Pagoda. Before sunrise every day, the nuns clean the face of the "lumpy" Buddha picture with particularly scented waters and clean his mouth.

It lasts about an hours and is a one-of-a-kind view of the Buddhist world. We return to the motel around 07:30 am for our breakfasts. The tour starts today at 08:00 o'clock. Following our breakfasts at the lodge, start a trip around Mandalay to discover the former capital cities of Sagaing, Ava and Amarapura.

Sagaing Hill is considered the most important centre of Myanmar's religion. We then head southwards to the town of Ava, the capitol of Myanmar from the ages of 14 to 18. Using this time-honoured transport technique, you will be able to see some of the attractions of Ava, such as the old Bagaya Monastery and the ruins of the Royal Palace.

While visiting Ava you should also see some of the many towns that are among the remains of Ava. Before you return to the vehicle, you will have a nice meal in Ava (at your own expense). Amarapura, a former capitol whose name means "City of Immortality". Though the antique town itself is already attractive, the true celebrity is the U Bein Bridge.

Return to the motel and, if time permits, stop at some regional handicraft stores. We will be happy to answer your questions so that we can arrange a Myanmar trip according to your personal wishes. Have a look at the trips below and see what other folks who liked this trip have seen!

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