Myanmar Road Trip

Burma Road Trip

Yangon, Burma. Many disappointing aspects of this trip also exist. The Myanmar Road Trip program is for you who want to explore the culture, way of life and beautiful countryside by land. It is your Myanmar adventure by car. From New Delhi to Guwahati and from Manipur (India) to Myanmar before continuing to Bangkok.

Self-drive in Myanmar 2017 - Road Trips Forum

I plan to travel to Myanmar for 6 nights in December and will rent a driverless vehicle to explore the area. It would be Yangon > Bagan > Mandalay > Yangon. But I really love to drive in a strange land, so I would really try to achieve that.

However, the general safety issue is: 1) Is it generally safer to travel in Myanmar for expat? I' ve been practicing for several years in Asia like Hong Kong, Thailand, etc. 2) Where would be a good stop between Yangon and Bagan (9 hours drive)? Hello, No, the road trip in Myanmar is NOT recommend.

Burma is big and long. This tour lasts at least 32h. We' re planning a trip to Myanmar next year. We' re going to Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and back to Bangkok. I' m a rather seasoned road trip, we're all over the globe.

For Myanmar, however, we used the service of a vehicle with a chauffeur. It was not only simpler, because the traffic signals are not very common, it was also less expensive, because the rentals are tight and the insurances are exorbitant. But please, please, may I suggest that you consult and help in the Myanmar Travel Destinations Forums, where those who know the land well can give good advices.

Six is the shortest day to cover your itinerary, because we wanted three full day just to see the countless and intriguing monasteries in Bagan alone.

Maybe you'll like it too.

Myanmar, a land long barred from travelers, is now prepared to welcome you with open arms. Myanmar is one of the most beautiful places in the region. Burma is one of the few noncommercial nations in the hemisphere where the smile is genuine and where you will be welcomed with open heart and open arm.

You' ll test your riding ability as you travel through undulating terrain and powdery streets, not to mention the 100 iron footbridges through which you'll pass at a 100 km range! Travel to the brandnew capitol NaypiDaw, which is not even 50% full, but still has chic hotel and congress malls.

Mandalay Yangon 16-lane highway gives you the unique opportunity to refuel in Myanmar on the way from Mandalay to Yangon, known as Rangoon, in the direction of Nay PyiDaw. Prepare your camera while we travel to Bagan, the old and most scenic town of Myanmar, where 4446 pagodas from more than 1500 years live.

Enjoy some quality water on the shores of the Ayarwaddy and Inle Rivers, where everything is on sale onboard! Wherever you've been, wherever you want to go, there's no place as magic, secretive and inviting as Myanmar. "The ROAD TO LONDON 2017 - An EPIC life adventure, significant and memorable!

At first sight, the daily route for Road to London 2017 was frightening. You will arrive and stay overnight in the lovely town of Imphal. We will take a few hrs to get to the Moreh Frontier, where our Myanmar based staff will be awaiting you to help you with your immigration needs.

As soon as you have crossed the frontier and entered Myanmar, you will immediately get a foretaste of Myanmar. Dine at a Moroccan food store before headed to Kaley, your first stop in Myanmar. Checking into your room, eating and relaxing. We' re staying the night in Kaley. Early in the morning, drive from Kaley towards Mandalay.

Then after a well-earned rest drive on to Pale', eat our lunches serving in a uniquely Myanmar styled meal and drive on to Mandalay. Checking in at the motel. Accommodation in Mandalay. Myanmar's second biggest town and last regal capitol, Mandalay, is also the religion centre of the state.

About half of Myanmar's friars live in and around Mandalay. Mandalay is also a unique place for Indians, as Shri Bal Gangadhar Tilak was in isolation in Mandalay prison from 1907 to 1913. There' s a great deal to do and see in Mandalay. Taste the street meals, look around town, and after having spent the whole afternoon in your touristic shelters, return to your hotels in the afternoons.

Have a nice meal at the Irrawaddy River and later on admire the wonderful Irrawaddy Rivernightlife. Accommodation in Mandalay. It' waking up, getting set up, having your breakfasts and off we go! You' re going to the small, quiet corner of Inle Lake.

It could be confused with the Venice of Myanmar! Inle will be a gentle and quiet journey. In the evenings you will arrive at Inle and have lunch at your chosen hotels. Accommodation in Inle. Inle Lake is a place that is unparalleled anywhere else in the industry.

Return to the motel in the evenings. Accommodation in Inle. Prepare to take the 16-lane Yangon Mandalay highway to Nay Pyi Daw, Myanmar's new capitol. This is a new town where you will find everything from 5-star hostels, concerts, restaurants and chic edifices.

This town is only 50% manned! In the afternoon, drive to Yangon or as we still like to call it, Rangoon! Accommodation in Yangon. In the evenings, return to the motel and unwind before enjoying a nice meal and a culture show. Accommodation in Yangon. Reach Bagan in the evenings, checking into the hotels and relaxing.

Accommodation in Bagan. Bagan, the gem of Myanmar, a small city with 4446 pagodas. Late in the evenings, chill out and see a puppeteering before supper and retreat for the nights. You will return to Kaley after having your breakfasts and stop for a meal at a nearby eatery on the way. Arrive in Kaley and register at the motel and unwind.

We' re spending the night at Kaley. Start your journey back to India, cross the frontier, take care of the paperwork and return to Imphal. This last night, remember the last 10 nights, look at the photos and have a nice time. Accommodation in Imphal.

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