Myanmar River Map

Burma River Map

A photo gallery of Mandalay and its surroundings in northern Myanmar ("Burma") River map of Myanmar with the lakes and rivers in Myanmar. Below is a map showing the degree of penetration and saline solution. Select Rangoon River, Myanmar Location Zoom:. Maps of Myanmar's rivers and sample sites. Irrawaddy is the longest river in Myanmar, while the Mekong is the longest that partly flows through the country.

Myanmar Mother Rivers

Ayeyarwaddy Aka, Myanmar's biggest river (2,170 km long) and most important canal. The Irrawaddy was known as "Road to Mandalay" before the train and the car. Indeed, it has an important part to play in Myanmar's commerce, transportation and watering. The Irrawaddy flows from the state of Kachin under the impact of the Nmai Hka and Mali Hka flows through the centre of Myanmar, dissecting the land from North to South and then flows into the Adaman Sea (Indian Ocean) via the nine-armed Irrawaddy River basin.

Irrawaddy is full of sand banks and islets, making navigating hard. The Irrawaddy was the only viaduct over the Inwa for a long period, but now there are two. Irrawaddy gives its name to a whale, the Irrawaddy whale (Orcaella brevistosus), and a river dogfish, the Irrawaddy River Shark, which has found it.

In fact, the Irish waddy is not a freshwater whale, as it is also found at sea. Myanmar's Irish Island Crewaddy is a must, especially the route between Mandalay and Bagan, which is full of culture and includes several former emperor's caps. October-March is the best period for this tour when the level of air is lower.

Thanlwin, formerly known as Salween, is 2815 km long. In the Tibetan plateau at 5,450m, it runs through Yunnan, then exits China, winds its way through Myanmar and Thailand and eventually ends in the Andaman Sea. Cliffy canyons line this fast, mighty river. It' s only 90 km from the estuary and only passable in the wet seasons.

The river is part of the Myanmar-Thai frontier and stretches along the Mekong River. It is home to over 7,000 plant and animal life and 80 endangered or endangered wildlife and has the world's largest variety of tortoises, among them the giant Asian turtle and the giant headed turtle.

Those who live on the banks of the Salween are relatively insulated from the outside worlds. Salween is one of the longest undisturbed rivers in the canyon. Myanmar, however, is intending to construct the TaSang dam and some others. The Sittaung River, which lies to the west and centre of Myanmar, rises northeastern of the city of Yamethin on the outskirts of the Shan Lake and runs 420 km southward before draining the Gulf of Martaban from the Andaman Sea.

Situated between the wooded Bago Mountains in the western part and the sheer Shan Plateau in the eastern part. Includes the main road and rail links from Yangon (Rangoon) to Mandalay and the large cities of Bago, Taungoo, Yamethin and Pyinmana. Although the Sittaung runs through rather shallow areas, it has a infamous tide hole at its estuary, which makes it impossible for small boats to enter.

Throughout the year the river is 40 km and during three month of the year 90 km navigably. Powerful current makes it less useful for transportation in the east of Myanmar. The Irrawaddy is not as rich in farming as the Irrawaddy, as there is no land that flows down from the Shan Hills.

Sittaung is used to drive wood, especially tea wood, for the south. The lower part is connected to the Bago River by a channel. The channel was built to avoid the tide drilling that affected the Sittaung's jaw. Chindwin River is the largest affluent of the Irrawaddy.

Originating in the wide Hukawng River basin of Kachin State, it streams 840 km from the North-South into Myanmar before it joins the great Irrawaddy. This river foggy, luxuriant hills and intriguing cities and communities, a land of many nature reserves and fruitful grass. Chinwin's railway tracks run through the Chinwin River and are also covered by thick woods and high peaks.

Locals have an unspoilt civilization, with cities and communities along the banks of the river alongside wonderful couples such as the Thanboddhay coupe of Monywa and the cavern couples of Hpowintaung and Shwebataung. The Chindwin River cruise is one of astonishing journeys in Myanmar.

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