Myanmar Rich People

Rich people in Myanmar

Yangon's rich are very closed because of the lack of trust in the institutions in Myanmar. Burma is rich in natural resources, beautiful landscapes and above all exotic people with their remarkable traditions. They're the richest people in the world! Burma is full of wealthy celebrities. Burma has a very rich culture and the people here are very friendly.

Market the super-rich in Myanmar?

Sell high-end real estate abroad, offer asset administration or offer personal finance for the super-rich? You don't know how to get to your destination High Net Word Individual ( "HNWI") in Yangon? Myanmar has many treasures to hide. In Yangon, on a derelict road, a 7-storey flat with only 1 member of the same house is located.

It is a completely untypical contemporary structure with the run-down pre-war houses that can be found along this road. Note: I am not able to show the run-down stores to the right and right of this property as they give away the whereabouts of the property owners and I want to preserve their private sphere.

Confidentiality is very important to gain the confidence of the super-rich in Myanmar. Yangon's rich are very closed because of the lack of confidence in the institutions in Myanmar. When you host a diversity managment meeting at a top HNWI Yangon hotels and advertise in aggressive ads in Yangon's newspaper, most rich people will avoid them because they don't want to get the tax office's heed.

However, rich people in Myanmar can be recognized by where they are living and how they are living. First, they don't lease real estate - they own the very feature they are living in - in fact they possess many features. Since there is no building code in Yangon - there are 7-storey apartments in many derelict Yangon roads - belonging to a single owner and on the groundfloor there is a car park for their large luxurious coaches.

Obviously, the easiest destination is the legendary Golden Valley in Yangon, where the rich are to gather. We' ve established a data base of over 2,000 high-quality Yangon real estate inhabited by owners. Wherever the landlord either owns a large business in Myanmar and/or has passed on ownership from his family.

Inquiries by phone and follow-ups for your Myanmar trademark can also be processed.

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