Myanmar Rfa News today 2016

Burma Rfa News Today 2016

XRF Myanmar News apk 1. Click 1 to listen to the RFA Myanmar News. Burma Rohingya Bangladesh News November 23, 2016 Today Bangla News. Nowadays most Myanmar officials insist that the relationship is over. Aung San Suu Kyi lived in Naypyidaw from 2012 to 2016.

Kachin State Trap air strikes Myanmar Thousands in the mine region

Myanmar's military blockaded roads in the Tanaing Township's goldmining and ambers extraction area during the bombing of an ethnical militias in the most northern state of Myanmar, Kachin, which has captured more than 3,000 inhabitants and coalmine workers in the war-torn area, springs said on Monday. In the Myitkyina area, large parts of the country, as well as the Tanaing area, have been controlled by the Kachin Independence Military (KIA) since a 17-year long ceasefire treaty broke down in 2011.

Over the years, animosities have compelled some 100,000 inhabitants to escape to security, with many taking refuge in Buddhist convents, Buddhist denominations, Christians or expellees in the state. Several of the recent animosities between the army and the KIA have arisen in Tanaing, on whose indigenous assets the militias depend as a livelihood by imposing a five per cent levy on mine owners.

They have said that they will provide shelter to the tens of thousand of residents and mineworkers who are captured, provide sustenance and ship them to shelters. Other inhabitants of Tunaing said and added that they themselves have provided some shelter. A number of troops on both sides were murdered on Sunday when the Burmese force confiscated a KIA field office and a custom port after several nights of gunfire, the Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) reports on-line intelligence group.

Kachin Baptist Assembly, a local Catholic organisation, said the ruling forces launched the offensive, which included a string of aerial attacks, on January 26, and killed at least five civilians and injured many others, the story goes. In June 2017, the Myanmar military jettisoned aircraft in the Tanaing mine area and warned the inhabitants and miners that they had to vacate the area until the middle of the months when they wanted to clear it after another round of fights with the CIA.

Sunday, the KIA demolished two viaducts along the highway linking Kachin's capitol Myitkyina to the Vampire Swamp in Putao county about 100 leagues away to prevent an assault by the federal armies, Lieutenant Colonel Myo Thura Naung of the Kachin State Police said. However, San Aung, a member of a Myintkyina Peace Negotiating Group, said the KIA had demolished several roadside viaducts to stop the attacks by Myintkyina state troops.

Recent animosities, which began on 19 January in swamp excavation, compelled some 700 Kachin village dwellers to abandon their houses and take refuge in a woodland, the DVB last covered last weekend. KIA is one of several militia with which the Myanmar administration is trying to end decade-long ethnic-separatist civilian conflicts and create a peaceful atmosphere in the U.S. through a string of peaceful talks initiated in August 2016 by the de facto Palestinian dean Aung San Suu Kyi.

Armies have said they want to make sure that they have equality of sovereignty within a federation and do not lose their independence to a centralised state in the government's current peacemaking work. For this reason, she was called to the second and last May 2017 meeting as an observatory and not as a member.

Myanmar's authorities plan to host the third round of their Panglong Peace Conference in February. Earlier this year, the Kachin Independence Organization, the KIA's main executive body, restructured its top management and replaced the outgoing military commanders with a younger army of commanders as the level of hostility between the group's armoured wings and ruling troops soared.

Goverment forces confiscated 22 KIA stations, four major bases and 18 small bases between November 13, 2017 and January 3, cutting off a favorite path the group of rebels had used to sneak wood into China.

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